Any Chance to Get Obama to Ohio is a Good Cause: Have President Obama Speak at Clark Montessori Commencement Ceremony

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 04/29/2010 - 14:42.

Today, before midnight, we have the chance to give students at a great Ohio school the chance of a lifetime. Back in February, the White House and the Department of Education invited high schools throughout the country to apply to have President Obama speak at their graduation commencement ceremony.

Ohio’s Clark Montessori High School in Cincinnati made the cut and is one of just six finalists! Help us support these great students.

Visit the commencement challenge Web site, click through to view Clark’s video submission, and vote “5” today before midnight!

Clark is the first public Montessori high school in the country, and since 2000, 99.5% of seniors graduated and 96.5% of graduates attend a post-secondary institution.

While at Clark, students learn that education is a lifelong commitment and more than just classroom work. Every student completes 200+ hours of community service and participates in rigorous field studies to prepare them for life after graduation. It's a program that's working, and having President Obama speak at their commencement would be the experience of a lifetime for these Ohio students.

Clark Montessori High School is truly a great place for kids to learn, and you can help recognize their efforts right now by helping them secure the honor of hearing President Obama speak at their graduation.

Please pass along this e-mail to your friends and family, and encourage them to go to and vote “5” for Ohio’s Clark Montessori High School.

Thanks for your help!