REALNEO: Transition Advisory Group Recommendations for the New Cuyahoga County Charter Government Leadership

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Sat, 11/20/2010 - 00:36.

They have had many Transition Advisory Group Meetings over the last year or so. They have had forums for candidates and input from lots of angles. Recommendations from the public have been given. Yet, have you had your say in the future of our county? 

Please provide your input and recommendations on this blog about any area of Cuyahoga County Government Processes and any pertinent references and resources that support it. We would like to share this blog with the New County Council and County Executive on behalf of the REALNEO Citizens.

How many REALNEO members have had the blessing of sharing input in any of those forums? What input did you share? 

How many of you have an idea which you believe should be implemented with the new charter government? Please share your considerations for the public at large of Cuyahoga County and any feedback within this online forum.


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I already contacted the replacement Auditor to advise him

I already contacted the replacement Auditor to advise him I have advice for the County on IT when he is ready.

Be proactive as citizens, entrepreneurs, community leaders or whoever you are and speak up to the new people in charge with your concerns - DIRECTLY - and demand to be heard - if you are not heard ask for help here

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