Two wheel bike Cargo Transporter from Holland

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 09/29/2011 - 17:35.

If you have ever tried to carry 50 or 100 pounds on a conventional two wheel  bicycle you know that there is no adequate, safe, balanced way to do it.  Moving heavy cargo or more than one passenger on a bike in the United States isn’t happening. 

But we have 550hp Ford Mustangs! which we love! So testosterone!

A lot of weight on a rack over the rear wheel of  a standard bike makes the front wheel float, and the bike becomes very unstable side to side.    Using handle bar mounted baskets is similarly unsatisfactory.   The result?  Using a conventional two wheeled bike to move more than 10 pounds isn’t practical.

So trailers have been developed for bikes. Trailers are one solution – but not as simple a solution as the Bakfiets  cargo bike (image above in Chicago) which is rated to carry 200 kgs - wow!.

While the auto/petroleum/tire/highway lobby has most of us euthanized to reasonable, healthy, fun travel modes – there is still a little sanity coming out of Holland. 

Check out this Bakfiets extra long transport bike which can transport 12 children


– looks like lots of fun on a dedicated bike path! Image from

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