The Barber

Submitted by lmcshane on Sat, 04/23/2011 - 06:35.

Born in the Great Depression, my father advised me to choose one of two professions-
doctor or barber.

Still considering :) Visit Bobby C--in the Colonial Arcade downtown Cleveland.

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My NEW Doctor!

Very excited--reasonable rates.  I am going to work on the eyebrow arch!

looks like fun

Except am I reading that right? $25.00 for a hot shave?? Ouch, hope they give a long half an hr massage with that at least :) IMO they should add something like, "includes a face and hand massage" or who would pay more than an hr's wage for something that would need to be done again tomorrow?? Unless they were pampered to death, or it only needed to be done once a month, a bit too much for alot I bet,  Betty


opps, after watching this, I don't think you could GIVE a smart guy one of these :(



wouldn't their skin be so red and sore after?? Ouch

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