Cameron Sinclair of Architecture for Humanity

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Winner of the 2006 TED [Technology, Entertainment Design] Prize, the motto of Sinclair’s group, Architecture for Humanity, "design like you give a damn" sums up his design vision. With projects ranging from designing mobile health clinics combating HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa to establishing mine clearance programs and building playgrounds in the Balkans his mission is to create sustainable and innovative living standards for the masses.

Here's more on AFH and Sinclair. Get a preview of this innovator here where he speaks at TED 2006 on open-source Arhitecture. That's right opensource architecture!

This is a great example of how two designers Sinclair and his collaborator and AFH co-creator Kate Stohr can change the world with a laptop and a cell phone. This is a great story about how a journalist and a designer have taken the concept "start where you are" and launched a revolution in more than shelter. Now will someone please listen to Ed Morrison's mantra of open-source economic development, please!?!

Wondering if these guys want to be proprietary? Check out who they link to... If you've been reading realneo, many of these orgs will look familiar.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to hear Sinclair speak in Cleveland.
Part of the 2008 Talalay Lecture Series
$8 MOCA members/$10 non-MOCA members/$5 students

for tickets dial 216.421.8671 x21 and speak to Andrea at MOCA


Westfield Insurance Theater at Ideastream
1375 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH
United States

I will be there--too bad

  I will be there--too bad our planners don't give a damn--Today, at Councilman Cummins' behest, they approved the zoning change and sale of city park land to developers NRP to build a 60+ senior unit and parking over a filled in ravine and to tie-in to an overcapacity/decrepit combined sewer system. 

Springtime in Cleveland!  Ah, the smell of fresh sewage in the morning!

Translators needed

Please see this post to assist with housing for the earthquake victims in China.   Clevelanders can rise to the need.  As Cameron Sinclair noted last night, architecture is not about ego, but about NEED, and the planet is in serious need of good architects, not egos.

Not IF, but WHEN

Cameron Sinclair's  presentation also emphasizes the underlying premise--it's not IF, but WHEN a disaster strikes, do we know what to DO?  The United States Geological Service seemed like an irrelevant government department to some of our political leaders who wanted the agency to dispel global warming, but now USGS scientists are being asked to tell the real story.