NELSON CINTRON JR Responds to Debbie Webb's Concerns

Submitted by Nelson Cintron Jr on Sat, 08/08/2009 - 16:36.

Dear Debbie Webb,

Enclosed are my responses to your questions.

Hi Nelson, thanks again for coming on the site. Please take a moment and address some of these issues raised:

1) Rick worked for and with you, both as a paid assistant and unpaid campaign staffer. Do you think that his communist affiliation is an issue in the W. 14 race? If so, why?

Rick and I are friends. This is an issue for the voters to decide, not for me. As candidates, we have to respect the individual voters' different opinions.

2) there has been much posting about Santiago and I am sure other council reps spending CDBG money outside the strict ward boundaries.

Since you have done that, would YOU also criticize others for doing that (other than the fireworks, please don't go there, we all agree on that one)?

I know that the residents are angry about how the funding was allocated since I left office. When you empower one neighborhood over the other, creating unbalanced representation and services, then you are not fulfilling your commitment as an  elected public official. 

Debbie, you and I have worked together on these same issues such as the South and North of Lorain. I worked to keep a balance for all the residents and I have always respected your input. It will be a big loss to lose you under this redistricting.

3) the tone is this blog has gotten pretty nasty, with your supporter raising the gay issue, the commie issue, and who knows what else. Is she doing this on your behalf or do you feel differently?

I am not going to attack anyone.  Citizens of our great country have a freedom of speech which I have no control over. Our proud military service members and veterans have fought to uphold democracy around the world.

Remember, that when I hired Rick I got attacked politically from all directions. Members of Council went as far as firing Rick Nagin out from under me. I stood by Rick's side, sued City Council, and then Council President Jackson for their questionable firing of Rick Nagin.

I have always been about principle and have appreciated our diverse community. That is why I picked a diverse staff to serve our community if you recall.

It is my goal to overcome our differences and focus on the major issues affecting Ward 14.  

Respectfully Yours,


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I do appreciate your taking the time to respond to my questions. I support our right to freedom of speech,  and also the responsibilties that come with those freedoms. 


I agree with you that is very hard to keep balance in neighborhoods that are split into different wards. Currently, Ward 14 is on the south side or Lorain. If I cross the street, I am in Ward 13. We have to think in terms of community, not just wards.

After the census next year, the ward boundaries will change once more. With the charter amendment of 1 council representative for every 25,000 residents, we will lose seats again. The wards will grow as council decreases in size.


I understand the position that you are in not being resposnsible for the actions (speech) of others. You can set the tone of ethics, though, and I hope that you continue to do so, and have clarified, at least to me, some of it.


Debbie Webb