The Do Nothing 'Mayor"

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The Do Nothing 'Mayor"

The"mayor" has sent out an email once again celebrating his "accomplishments". But what are they exactly. Specifically. He has created many new 6 figure jobs for his friends like Bradford Davy that did not exist in the Jackson administration. In America's poorest and most dangerous city. He has enlisted the aid of black religious leaders to inject reluctant black folks, with long memories of previous government "health" initiatives like the Tuskegee experiment, with the poisonous fake vaccine. He has sent many fundraising letters for himself almost immediately after being elected by 17% of eligible voters. He has collected almost half a billion dollars in scamdemic relief which he is using to crush small landlords by paying attorneys for tenants who don't pay the rent. And NOT to fix the crumbling infrastructure. He has held very expensive retreats for his bloated staff paid for by the taxpayers. He has pimped out his ride for him and his overpaid posse to ride around in doing nothing. At the expense of the taxpayer. He only agrees to be "interviewed" with questions provided in advance by ass kissing friendly "media" definitely NOT Fox 8 for example. He says he is running for re-election because he can't accomplish the complete destruction of Cleveland from a manufacturing city to a welfare state totally dependent on the federal government in just one term. He complains about mean evil Republicans that run this state in Columbus for not letting him make abortion legal in Cleveland. And the list of 85 objectives to be met within the first 100 days of his administration have disappeared. What were they?

I miss Frank Jackson and I'm not the only one.

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Mayor zero accountability

Click on the link. Ain't nothin' there

BIBB 's disappearing act I used Wayback Machine to see where the tracker landed


Thank you for revisiting these promises.  I don't disagree with you. The performance is not there.  I am mainly focused on 311


311 Resident Engagement Solution

The City of Cleveland, Department of Finance, through this Request for Proposal, is soliciting proposals from qualified vendors to implement a 311 Resident Engagement Solution (RES) to manage citizen requests for non-emergency services for better engagement between the City of Cleveland and its residents. Requests for basic information about municipal services, reporting potholes, building violations and tree trimming, among other things, are some of the more common requests addressed by the City of Cleveland’s 311 services. The comprehensive citizen request management software must include both online portals and mobile applications to place these requests. The platform should provide a solution for case management internally and customer relationship management externally. The platform should have the ability to:

  1. Expand access to 311 with the launch of new channels to submit and track requests.
  2. Collect resident contact information, complaints and inquiries.
  3. Allow residents to check the status of requests by tracking number or calling 311.
  4. Enable 311 call takers to better respond to requests via a knowledge portal.
  5. Enable reporting to improve case management and customer relationship management.
Opening Date/Time: 
Friday, September 9, 2022 - 9:00am
Closing Date/Time: 
Friday, October 7, 2022 - 5:00pm
Information Technology & Services
Contact Name: 
Stephane Hunsinger, Project Manager
Contact Email: 
its-pmo [at] clevelandohio [dot] gov
Yes, attendance is optional
Meeting Date/Time: 
Friday, September 16, 2022 - 3:00pm
Meeting Location:
Virtual - See details in RFP

Auditioning for Herr Schwab’s Klub

I called 311 last summer because the sanitary engineers that pick up the trash dropped my almost new can into the truck. Apparently that happens A LOT. 311 suggested that I use bags because they are "waiting for an order". Instead I called the new Director of Public Works and I got a can that day, riding alone on a pick up truck with 3 guys to deliver it. 311 was NOT happy that I went over their heads. A couple of weeks ago I got a letter from the fake mayor and a couple of other people saying they would deliver a new can (which 311 said I WOULD have gotten at the end of October...when I called IN JULY) just as soon as they got them in. Really though. These are the things are important to the MAJORITY of the residents of Cleveland in no particular order. That are NOT being addressed by this group of overpaid incompetents. Crime. Trash and rodent filled vacant lots NOT in the trendy neighborhoods that are important to the "mayor" because THEY put him in office. Vacant dangerous abandoned houses that abound everywhere EXCEPT in the wealthy WHITE neighborhoods like Tremont and Detroit Shoreway and Old Brooklyn where Justine's voters live. Trash pick up. Lower property taxes. Crime and drugs and gangs. Affordable housing for real Clevelanders NOT massive overpriced unaffordable taxpayer subsidized apartment complexes on EVERY vacant lot constructed by Justine's donors. Pot hole filled streets that get worse and WORSE outside of the trendy neighborhoods that put Justine into office. Jobs. Crime and drugs and gangs. A school system that actually TEACHES math and science and READING and writing and rithmatic. Not terrifying the kids with threats of the planet imploding. The same choices for the parents of poor kids to opt out of Cleveland Publik Skools that rich entitled white kids have. Trade schools where kids learn an actual SKILL to get them out of poverty (and Cleveland). Crime and drugs and gang violence. These are the things NOT important to the MAJORITY of the poor people who live here and can't afford to get out. "Climate justice" "equity", 15 minute neighborhoods withOUT churches, bike lanes, food deserts, abortion "rights" and the poison death shot.  Looks like Justine is auditioning for an invitation to Herr Schwab's next gathering of young global dictators like his BFF Petey Bootygig the WORST transportation secretary in HISTORY

Who is REALLY running Cleveland

While the former resident of GARFIELD HEIGHTS, NOT Mt. Pleasant, is sitting in the oversized chair at City Hall with his feet dangling above the floor, mouthing the usual insane progressive talking points about abortion "rights", 15 minute plans, carbon free living, anti police and small landlord rhetoric and OF COURSE Guaranteed Basic Income, the Holy Grail of globaloney, Cleveland is sinking further into anarchy. Once the SCAMDEMIC "relief" runs out this pathetic once great city will be totally broke because there are no real jobs outside of TAX PAYER FUNDED "public" "service" and low paying service jobs where the workers will soon be replaced by robots. Meanwhile the developers are running buck wild! High end cheaply constructed tax abated properties have been springing up EVERYWHERE since Frank Jackson left office. And the current administration who claims to care deeply about the MOSTLY poor occupants of Cleveland, these grotesque new boxes made of ticky tacky are STRICTLY for single rich millenials. One example is K and D who owns many reconverted former businesses downtown. MR. Bibb had his back rent 2nd cause judgement from his eviction at 1600 Euclid Ave. Apt. 2602 totally forgiven and written off with love and kisses by K and D Development. On July 15, 2021. On February 12, 2021 K and D bought 55 Public Square. On December 1, 2021 the historic property was quit claimed to THE CITY OF CLEVELAND. WTF?? And THEN on the very same day it was Quit Claimed BACK to K and D. Why? The property taxes in 2016 before it's glamorous undoubtedly subsidized renovation were $736,188. In 2023 taxes after major renovations that exponentially increased the earnings of the Willoughby based company STILL run by Douglas Price are $762,511. And this is just the beginning.