I nominate REALNEO/REAL COOP for the Cleveland Arts Prize. Who seconds?

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 02/21/2010 - 14:36.

Meaning everyone in real NEO is "an artist" and wins the prize together. But how do we not nominate ourselves...

Who seconds?


Nominations Deadline February 28, 2010


The public is strongly encouraged to submit nominations on behalf of an artist, and the Cleveland Arts Prize staff and board actively solicit nominations from a broad range of community leaders and arts organizations. The nominations deadline for 2010 Awards is February 28th, 2010. Nominations can be made on-line or by mail. The Arts Prize staff reviews nominations and contacts eligible nominees directly for work samples and critical reviews.

Ineligibility: incomplete or late forms, past winners, self-nominations, nominations that do not meet the criteria will not be considered.

Review requirements for each award

Cleveland Arts Prize
P.O. Box 21126 • Cleveland, OH 44121 • 216-321-0012 • info [at] clevelandartsprize [dot] org

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Eugenie Strauss for Arts Prize

I am nominating Eugenia Strauss of City Music Cleveland.

Just thinking of the FREE concerts I have enjoyed in the most beautiful locales throughout NEO gets me choked up.

 Thank you City Music!!!

norm we nominate clara evelyn norm

norm we nominate clara evelyn norm

yogi and guy http://www.nationalwardogsmonument.org/

The scope of my nomination is everyone in realNEO

and I'll take that as a second.

You are nominated, Guy and Yogi.

Keep creating your art!

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The Political

The Political Gangster                   

                        Norm, I nominate realneo because people have no idea how far all of this beautiful art can,and will go. This art is shown all over the world through realneo sharing Cleveland.

Where else but realNEO may Depeche Mode and Violinaires

Where else but realNEO may Depeche Mode and Violinaires share the same stage?

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