REALNEO Tech Committee RFI From Most Active realNEO Members And Supposed Board And Officers, etc...

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 08/07/2010 - 13:11.

As it is time for realNEO to assign a new administrator, I recommend to the membership Ramzi Harb
(see below), who is a world class technologist, programmer and musician... the drummer featured here

I sent this out by email to the following realneo members who came to mind for feedback on some technology changes immediately brought upon the REALNEO.US technology committee today - I did not mean to exclude any members of the general realNEO/realcoop community and encourage each of you to comment or email me at norm [at] realneo [dot] us if you want to help address these issues and be active with the Tech Committee for REALNEO.

Let's make this a truly great new day in realNEO!

Most active realneo members and supposed board and officers, etc...

Norm Roulet <norm [dot] roulet [at] gmail [dot] com> Sat, Aug 7, 2010 at 1:55 PM

Most active realneo members and supposed board and officers, etc...

I've included here people who are likely realneo/realcoop board members as I have requested a board meeting for over a year and now it seems we just need to get down to business.

It seems Jeff S is no longer on tech support and I'm determining if anyone is - I have people who can cover this so I just want facts.

Laura McShane notified me of these developments and that "Jeff B. is paying the server". Although I haven't seen accounting, I thought donations were paying the server. Jeff B doesn't have any authority here and Jeff S didn't notify me of any changes.

I'd like some facts - who has log in access to the server and who is responsible for fixing it if it crashes - responding to the FBI if needed?

Does anyone have a problem with me asking Ramzi Harb to take over site admin for - he built my Bigbang computers = programmed ICEarth Linux, and is a pure genius with this stuff - knows Drupal and can help us get to a higher level... local all around cool guy with a small PC build and repair business in Cleveland - Brian Cummins has met him, and I think Ramzi even did some tech for Brian... Ramzi is copied here.

I'll work out something to pay him if there are any additional costs - our agreement will start at no more monthly cost to the coop than we currently pay, which I believe is around $30 for hosting and nothing for support.... we can all decide what to do from there.

Please reply to all if you reply,


On Sat, Aug 7, 2010 at 12:03 PM, Laura McShane  wrote:

X is paying the server...

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Date: Saturday, August 7, 2010, 8:07 AM

If Jeff S is no longer involved we don't have anyone watching the server - is that the case?


On Sat, Aug 7, 2010 at 6:00 AM, X wrote:

sorry to send to you...but Jeff S is no longer involved and Jeff B is in Boston.

Norm Roulet
ICEarth - realNEO - real coop
norm [at] realneo [dot] us" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">norm [at] realneo [dot] us


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Norm Roulet <norm [dot] roulet [at] gmail [dot] com> Sat, Aug 7, 2010 at 3:04 PM
To: Laura McShane
Cc: members on list

Who here has been vilified, please speak up.

I'm really just dealing with a few things left in town and we are moving - one of them is this board/tech mess with realNEO - you don't have to meet.

Who else has opinions on this?

BTW - moving the discussion to realneo

On Sat, Aug 7, 2010 at 2:57 PM, Laura McShane wrote:

FTR--I don't have any desire to meet in person for a board meeting and most folks cc.d would agree--we have all been vilified in one form or another.  While I respect everything you have done for NEO, I don't enjoy verbal abuse.  I will defer to Jeff B on the decision to switch our primary site administrator and I will cough up whatever it takes to keep the site going. It's more important than ever. 

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I just spoke with Ramzi - he'd love to help realNEO

I just spoke with Ramzi - he'd love to help realNEO

Please offer any feedback on this subject by Monday and if agreed I'll schedule a time then when anyone from realNEO wanting to meet Ramzi may meet up at his shop. You'll like what you see - exactly the type of young local entrepreneur deserving our community's support

I'll have our Bigbangs there for you to see.

If you have computers with Facebook viruses bring them along... he says that is like 95% of his business

Also, if you have any computers you would like to have run Linux, you can't find a better resource - he has my daughter's Mac PowerBook running Ubuntu 10.4, which is the latest and not yet out in distribution... pretty damn impressive

And he sells good used computers - realNEO member Keith Winston has a $250 ThinkPad from there running ICEarth Linux and it flies... I have an 8 core Dell PowerEdge Server from there he configured for ICEarth Linux as well - we should actually host realNEO on that... damn fast.

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Board meeting now please!

I would like to call a board meeting -- how about after the hearing at the library? I will nominate myself as interim secretary if no one opposes, until there can be a formal vote.

I feel very confident that Ramzi Harb will be an excellent choice for our new tech support person. He has done great work for us over the past year and I would highly recommend him to members for their personal computer needs too. I am very disappointed to hear that Jeff has left us without so much as a personal email or posting to memebers. I trust he will facilitate a smooth transfer of all our sites and domains to our new tech person.

I second on meeting and recommend Evelyn as Secretary

I second on meeting and recommend Evelyn as Secretary - I won't second on that as she is my wife.

Evelyn has a Master' Degree from Case, is very organized, is very familliar with the history and legacy of realNEO, and is a hard, honest worker - we couldn't do better.

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I want to thank everyone behind the scene at Realneo.   Realneo is a valuable site for the community and I appreciate everyone's help keeping this up and running.

Meeting or no meeting, we are all good people with good intentions.  Realneo is more important NOW with widespread corruption and polluted brains.  We have to look out for each other, and the community.  Realneo is priceless and should be treated as such.

I have personally met numerous realneo members and am thankful for the friendships.  Dwebb, Dbra, Jerleen, Old Roser, lmcshane, Norm, Evelyn, AngelnWard 14, Guy, Jeff B, Jeff S's female friend, , etc.....

There is not one person that was named above that would not pitch in to help out others. 

I nominate all of us for everything. 

Still need an admin

Still need an admin - Not all of us can do that and that is the question of the day - is everyone cool with Ramzi Harb

Disrupt IT

i'll second Ramzi

i'll second Ramzi, Norm...

Jeff S

I have never met Jeff S, but it is apparent that he has heavily contributed to Realneo.

I say we attempt to iron out wrinkles. 

If Jeff is unable or unwilling to continue contributing to Realneo, then we can all welcome Ramzi.  Maybe Jeff could use some relief from this responsibility and will welcome Ramzi to pitch in and share the duties?

We need more admins and a tech policy and process

We need more admins and a tech policy and process - as a tech professional if I get a message my admin has quit I get a new admin - I won't leave that up to chance and workouts -  get another tech opinion from another tech professional on that if you don't believe me.

This server contains evidence for the EPA - simple as that - control is a very BIG ISSUE and we need 100% absolute perfect control!

6-sigma baby.

I'm not leaving this server in this state of uncertainly and indifference

Disrupt IT

I'm not leaving this server in this state of uncertainly ,,,,,

we need 100% absolute perfect control!

smart.  It needs to be protected.

anyone want to argue technology security WITH ME?

Yes it does - and people want to hack that - anyone want to argue technology security WITH ME?

Disrupt IT

I have always shown my appreciation for Jeff S.

I think reading realNEO will show I have always shown my appreciation for Jeff S. - I appreciate him still - and I have referred some business contacts to him and recommend his tech services still

Everyone has the right to choose their own path in life - I don't see where anyone is upset about anything with this

Disrupt IT

I am cool with everyone

The more the merrier.


Someone recently remarked to me that realneo is a minefield; I agree. With that in mind, I ask the question: why? the site is stable and working. The content is not part of the IT side. So why change anything? Is this a control issue, a personality issue, or an IT issue? 

As far as I know, realneo is owned by real-coop, and the authority to change anything belongs with real-coop. Is this incorrect? 

There is always the choice to set up another site if it is control or personality issues.

So what mines lay in this field?


This is very simple

Websites run with multiple software programs on servers which are computers located at datacenters - and very complex and prone to failures of all sorts, including hostiing companies going out of business as happened to us twice - I believe ours is currently with a hosting firm called Linode in NJ - it costs about $30 a month and Jeff S is the only human I know of on Earth with access, so if Jeff S dies or resigns as happened via Laura M. today then someone else needs access to realNEO on the Linode Server - this is the fifth time we've made changes like this for realNEO alone, is very common and it is not a big deal, but it the biggest deal in the world for a website if not handled properly.

You don't know how to reboot a server and I don't want the job - I learned today we need a new admin and I have one available.

Simple as that.

Disrupt IT

Who is running real coop

I donated all my interests in realNEO to real coop with the expectation of effective management of this and "real coop" has become Jeff Buster and he has refused to accept having a board meeting for over a year - Evelyn and I absolutely feel this is with intent to harm us.

So, why aren't we having real coop meetings again? Bacause some guy is in Boston again.. whatever - one member one vote. Time to vote on some things for the future of this community

Board Meeting for realNEO and real coop - Tuesday at 6 at MLK library after the EPA hearing about the MCCO plant forcing my family to leave the region.

Disrupt IT

"Effective management "of Realneo


Please email me Ramzi's telephone number.   I would like to speak with him to help avoid the problems which Realneo had with previous tech support people - Derek A., Phillip W., and Rob (to name a few) - each of whom was engaged by you.  I would also like to avoid loss of the URL and the shutting down of the site as happened in 2007 - which took me over 40 hours, and $ to resolve. 

"Effective (business) management" starts with keeping the site financially viable, paying the server fees, maintaining the yearly URL expense, maintaining  a bank account, and maintaining a sincere, appreciative relationship with those (like Jeff S.) that volunteered their time to Realneo.    Many people have valuable content stored in the years of Realneo archives - and they deserve a stable site.

 There is a reason many of Realneo's long term content providers have left as readers and contributors to Realneo, a reason  the home page has become almost a monopoly, and there is a reason many other long term content providers are, sadly, deleting their past contributions from the Realneo archive.   Having spoken with many of those who have left, I believe that the  reason isn't lack of "effective management".

There is a solution.  Please give me a call.

Jeff B



We're leaving town - too late to do much of anything with you

I don't need your insults and bullshit Jeff - you spent time to get control of realNEO and then you fucked me for two year.... to keep me from doing what I did... taking on the polluters. Now that i"m done, you reappear. Whatever - one man one vote... and you aren't on the tech committee.

Now my family is leaving town - too late to do much of anything with you.

Disrupt IT

"Realneo - Global in membership"


Please don't' misunderstand..  It is your creativity and initiative which first engaged me in Realneo when you introduced the site at REI. But there has been a change over the last year or so - now someone is dissed if they post from Boston (or Baltimore).

  Creativite content is what makes Realneo dynamic and important.  That creativity needs balance with the practicallty of maintaing a site. 

In my opinion, the balance of creativity (and passion) with practically has been tested lately.

The solution to unreal NEO is realNEO

The solution to unreal NEO is realNEO - I proved that today and every day. You were supposed to be in charge of a board and vounteers to take that opportunity to a higher level and you didn't.

Peter Holmes put me, our staff and all realNEO members and the community in harm's way when he tried to kill realNEO and I spent $10,000s of my parents money to get it through that until a community formed strong enough to reform it with an organization but you went nowhere from there. Now I'm going back to California where I have lots of networks in tech, IP and IT to finish up ICEarth - what nobody here could ever understand. While I'm there, I'm meeting with environmental and policy experts to implement changes here that will clean up the air. I can't get that done here either.

I'm enlisting the help of three bigger states for Ohio - we can't get that done here.

You guys try and fix the organization of realNEO - one person one voice one vote each

Disrupt IT

In fact, realNEO could be the Third Party

In fact, realNEO could be the Third Party this nation so desperately needs

No lobbying here

Disrupt IT

I recommend the Tech Committee meet at PC Medic Monday

My understanding is Jeff S isn't bailing but rather needing to do his own thing - being SOLE admin for a site like this is a huge 24x365 responsibility... especially with so many members and so much content and traffic... He has done a great job!

But, no site like this should have one point of failure so we need a few people with authority and ability to address tech issues (e.g. committee).

I'll coordinate a time with Ramzi and I recommend the Tech Committee meet at PC Medic Monday to discuss any tech issues to make a recommendation to the realNEO board meeting... my guess is 6 PM would work best for him and the meeting shouldn't last more than 30 minutes.. all to confirm.

Everyone is invited on the tech committee.

If Jeff S and Ramzi can't connect that way, they can certainly connect virtually... tech people are very good at that.

These are serious professionals - I wouldn't worry about having any surprises or problems going forward, and we will all be well protected from any failures or losses as always.

4768 Broadview Road. 

Cleveland, Ohio 44109


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Dear realNEO - you are under totalitarian control by Jeff B.

Dear realNEO - you are under totalitarian control by Jeff B. - he has refused to hold board meetings for over a year and has complete control of all records, etc. - I have nothing from here and need to move - I'm one man one voice one vote on realNEO and my focus is moving to my core work so everyone had better figure out a way to get control away from Jeff B or expect the worst here.

Disrupt IT

I have to say-

it does seem frustrating that a very few refuse to meet.

That has caused all the problems with realNEO

That has caused all the problems with realNEO - and they did it on purpose to try and keep us from dealing with these pollution issues - but they can't stop me and I'l take care of what I say I'll take care of - been doing it for 6 years here and noone else.

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