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Nancy Lesic - who is the PR cheerleader for the Greater Cleveland Partnership, the Port Authority, and other Governmental and Corporate interests in Cleveland,  has become overly familiar with me during the last few weeks.  Where she got my email I don’t know, but she’s been spamming me with the likes of this Israel item for her client Joe Cimperman. 


It is true that both Mr. Kucinich and Mr. Cimperman have received the vast majority of their campaign money from donors who are not interested in, or located in Ohio’s 10th Congressional District.   


Why are these persons donating to Joe and Dennis?  Not because their donors are interested in the 10th District.  Their donors are interested in what the congress does in DC. 


Mr.Kucinich gets a lot of money from people who like his Department of Peace, or his moves to Impeach Cheney and Bush, or his making the effort to visit Syria. 


Mr. Cimperman has received almost all of his money from donors who are not associated with the 10th District.  


What do  Mr. Cimperman’s donors  want in DC that they don’t feel Mr. Kucinich is providing?


On (under news releases ) you will find the full piece in the photo above.  In the “news release” Ms. Lesic mentions the Peoples Weekly World newspaper, but didn’t give any link to the “offensive” article.   I looked on PWW but couldn’t find any Kucinich/Cimperman - Israel comment.


I remember attending the Israel Lobby  discussion at Case last fall. Mr. Mearsheimer and Mr. Walt discussed AIPAC and their exceptionally powerful and purposeful lobby effort.


So, maybe what Ms Lesic has misunderstood, is that AIPAC - the PAC - doesn’t give money to support candidates who they feel are the most supportive of Israel.  What AIPAC does is organize and encourage it’s members to support particular candidates, particularly candidates who are running against incumbents who are less supportive of Israel than AIPAC feels is acceptable.  Candidates like Dennis Kucinich who visited Syria.


I am surprised that Ms. Lesic, a public relations professional and lobbyist herself, isn’t familiar with AIPAC, the second most powerful lobby in the USA. 


Ms Lesic, you know that this is what every lobby does - what’s all the hush hush about?

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The COMPANY you keep

I've been watching Cimperman for a while and I really want to like him - young, bright and energetic - seems his heart is in the right place - and then I see who he hangs out with... it is hard to believe...

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Mary Robinson

Tonight--Playhouse Square hosts the former President of Ireland.  I work tonight, but it would be great to get a world view of our current political future from someone across the pond.  I also wonder how she survived the viciousness of politics???

MON., MAR. 3, 2008
6:00 PM - Ohio Theatre at Playhouse Square

Mary Robinson
Former President of Ireland
"Making Human Rights the Compass for All Ethical Globalization"

  • International leader, catalyst and communicator
  • First woman president of Ireland
  • First woman to chair the United Nations Commission for Human Rights
  • Founder of The Ethical Globalization Initiative
  • Chair of Women World Leaders
  • One of Time's Top 100 Men and Women in 2005

See other speakers.

Town Hall Series


the charge against Cimperman

Kucinich’s chief opponent in the March 4 Democratic primary, Cleveland City Councilman Joseph Cimperman, has already raised $226,000. The Kucinich campaign charged the money has come from business groups and a right-wing pro-Israel group that is angry about Kucinich’s support for an even-handed approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

-- Unions go all-out for Kucinich re-election

(Use the phrase site: on Google to search within a particular site. Here's the search I used to find this article.)

My problem with Kucinich

...actually, I have lots of problems with Dennis, but my main one is he does not get the environment. He is much to blame for Mittal being here, and he runs advertisements showing Mittal spewing pollution into the air with slave steel workers in front thanking Dennis for that.... in your face, Tremonters!!!!!! This makes me embarassed for the entire state.

Unfortunately, I don't think Cimperman cares about the environment either, because of the company he keeps, and I fear it is the company he keeps that is the only reason he may get to DC, so he'll be working for the Company. So Dennis is too labor and Cimperman is to coporate for either to be able to care about the environment... we need a different choice than either, or need to decide who will be more pro-environment and educate them about the harm they do to the world ... because that is the only issue that will matter to us in the future (my subcommittee is working wth Kucinich and Cimperman staff on lead poisoning eradication, through GCLAC, so I know each cares, when you get right down to it).

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Jeff S.,
Thanks for the new knowledge re: on Google. 

The out-of-district-donors who supply  Kucinich  {and Cimperman) with funding raises the question:  is our constitution still working as it was intended?


The answer might be NO or it might be YES.


Money buys media.  Media buys votes.  With this modus operandi, we are no longer a representative district by district democracy in this day and age . 


Or are we?


At a maximum of $2,300 per election cycle per person, and with computer networks (and other media) organizing blocks of wealthy advocate-donors from around the world, any one of the 435 congressional districts can be “purchased” by out of towners. 


From election cycle to election cycle district after district can be bought. 


Should there be regulations governing out of district money?

I end this with more questions than when I started…


 Such regulation could work against movements like the civil rights movement in the south in the 60’s which was funded from the North.  And if there were regulations limiting out of district funding,  a very wealthy in-district candidate might self fund to  a campaign and set up a multi term dynasty.


So, perhaps the best way to allow the people who live in a district to have “representative” government, is through more publicity as to who each of any candidate’s donors are, and where the donor works and where the donor lives. 


It is a difficult act.  And maybe “balance” isn’t what is most equitable.

we need to review the Lesic track record

Jeff, you bring up a good point about Lesic, and the truth. Here's a link to the whole sorry crew over at LesicCamper:


As we found out with their work for the GCP during the PutItOnTheBallot campaign, they're not constrained by truth, fact, or fairness. They're fairly creepy and clumsy as well. They may, if we analyze their work, even be a regional embarrassment. And that's what we need to do--go back into the beginnings, the 90s, and have a look at all the cheap, no-class pimping they've done. Their business is built on relationships, not excellence.


When Cimperman announced they were handling his campaign, I knew that was a good sign for all the other candidates. That first ploy, going up to Kucinich's door to give him the Welcome Wagon basket, was just plain klutzy, or doofy. I'm surprised Joe bought into it, but apparently somebody had touted Lesic as the expert. The commercial did get a lot of commentary, but not much of it was positive for Joe.


As the dialogue changes around here, it becomes more and more apparent that Lesic should never have been a player in the first place, and certainly should not be now. Innuendo and dirty tricks done dirt cheap are passe.