Prelude2Cinema offers sponsorship in TV Series airing this month on Time Warner

Submitted by prelude2cinema on Sat, 10/14/2006 - 08:01.
Prelude2Cinema's TV Series "Out of Darkness" from Emmy Winning writer Alex P. Michaels airs starting 10/21/06 at 12:30am on Time Warner Cable Cleveland Channel 17. "Out of Darkness" is funded by Branded Entertainment and features the support of Cleveland businesses.

What is Branded Entertainment? It is more than product placement. It is the creative melding of a product or service into an entertainment program.  Northeast Ohio's only Branded Entertainment Company, Prelude2Cinema is open to helping you get an emotional response from your product. After all, it is emotion that makes us buy.  

Contact Prelude2Cinema ASAP about Sponsorship. Sponsorship includes links on our My Space site which has over 7,900 friends.
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The TV Series has limited sponsor slots. Contact Prelude2Cinema at for more info.

Cleveland Businesses appearing in the TV series

Paid SponsorshipLucy's Sweet Surrender, Massimo da Milano, The Velvet Dog. Other locations include: Whiskey Island, the Bratenahl Police Department, Prelude2Cinema's Knight Studio in Slavic Village, and the city of Cleveland.