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Virtual Job Fair: 100 Cleveland Jobs up for grabs. Apply by May 17th.

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Start: 2011/05/12 - 7:16pm
End: 2011/05/17 - 7:16pm
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Virtual Job Fair

Safeguard Properties is holding a virtual job fair through May 17th to fill more than 100 positions locally, primarily in order processing and customer service.  About 70 of the openings are new positions to accommodate the company’s growth and expansion.  Managers expect to invite between 300 and 400 candidates for face-to-face interviews at Safeguard’s offices before the end of May. Click to apply.

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Working for Safeguard Properties

I noticed this job fair announcement and did not comment since jobs are desperately needed and the jobs are for customer service and order processing.  Hopefully  the increased staff will correct the thousands of complaints made against Safeguard Properties.  Below are just a few:



DETROIT, Michigan

...couldn't agree more

AUTHOR: .... - Clio (U.S.A.)

POSTED: Thursday, January 01, 2009

...Everyone should really listen to this contractor. Our company worked for these clowns for 30 days. At that point I told them to stop sending us any work. They are horrible people to work for who always found a way to not pay us (been in the HUD specific industry for 7 years..know all the rules).

Its funny, people do not know that some of the prople who started this company years ago are in federal prison for fraud...against their contractors from what I understand.

I know 3 other people in the industry who all have the same exact problems and no longer work for these guys.

..Anyone who currently works for them beware, they just lost CITI (american home) and are going to lose FNMA very soon.

..good luck


Safeguard is the fault of our corrupt Democratic leaders

Safeguard is the fault of our corrupt Democratic leaders. I don't hold the little people responsible.

Talk to the Cleveland Foundation about Safeguard Properties - it is all their fault.

Talk to Sherrod Brown and his wife Connie Shultz at the PD - they are core to the problem.

Everyone deserves a job... nobody should have to work for scum. The scum work for our leaders.

Disrupt IT

Safeguard Properties

Hopefully the employment of the 100 little people will make a difference in this:

 complaints about Safeguard Properties here, here, here, here , here, here ,here , here, here , here , here and here

I've been telling Obama and the real Democrats

I've been telling Obama and the real Democrats but they are so worried about getting re-elected they have completely sold out the community.

We are screwed here in NEO.

The people forced to leave Cleveland are better off leaving, even if this corrupt community took everything they have.

Safeguard did them a favor getting them out of Cleveland.

They should leave and never look back. Move someplace not ruined by corrupt Democrats like James Florio and his Safeguard Properties. Go someplace Bill Clinton never visits...

Is there a list of communities where Safeguard has exclusive relations with the corrupt government, like here?

Disrupt IT

Democratic sell out

happens all of the time.  We need to create a viable party to DISRUPT IT.


You have your crooks mixed up.  There are so many of them nowadays that it is easy to confuse them.


Robert Klein pictured below is CEO of Safeguard Properties.


This crook, James Florio, is Plymouth Park Tax Services, aka Xspand.

I thought they were all in the same pool of scum

I thought they were all in the same pool of scum - sorry about my error.

I cannot keep the Democratic scum apart, it is true. I'm moving my family away from them so I don't need to even try, and don't need to keep fixing my cars and looking over my shoulder... these people are so low.

I feel sorry for all the good working union folks who are forced to party with these people... and always seem to illegally pick up the tab.

Pure shit here - pure shit.

Disrupt IT

lots of shitty scum here

problem is you could move far away, but this scum won't go away. They have political connections and operate all over the country.  You will have to move out of the country to get rid of this scum.

I've been all over the country the past year... Dim Aura

I 've been all over the country the past year... no place like home - as soon as I get a state away the roads turn to shit and the drivers become rude assholes - tolls go up and prices rise - I can feel and smell Ohio from 500 miles away.... and am immediately depressed. When I get across the border, I feel like I enter a Third World Country. When I get to Cleveland, I feel the heat and see the fumes and know I am back in hell.

Toxic air and lead poisoning made it worse here than in most of the country, and it shows in the economics of regions and the character of the people in every way at every level - you can't hide the harm of pollution on humanity, as it is reflected in disease. We are seriously diseased in Cleveland.

Toxic leaders here hide that from citizens because they are too ashamed or brain damaged to deal with reality. Toxic citizens keep electing the same toxic leaders, because they say nice stupid things to them, and buy them with their union corruption, which sees pollution as JOBS.

I expect the worst from our leaders coming from such a shitty environment - and see better potential in leaders from elsewhere who do not have this toxic history.

Cleveland doesn't need to import workers - we need to import leaders... and to get rid of the current sorry batch.

Until then, this is a mafioso shithole and the Democratic leaders like it that way, because they always get elected and can put in office whomever they please, and they get to spend the $billions here paid to government by citizens.

Dim Aura

Disrupt IT

No corrupt assholes allowed island

we need to find a little island to escape .

Fantasy Island

That would be realNEO

That would be realNEO - and we are nearing our destination, and must cast off any remaining scum here... like our board of trolls and their friends.

Disrupt IT