Toys for Tots 09

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Clark-Metro's 3rd annual campain. We will be regestering kids to get there free toy from the Toys for Tots And the U.S. Marine Corps. Ages 0-12 are available. You may stop in mon-fri  9am to 2pm to regester your child. All you need is name, age, sex, and last 4 digets of there social security number. Feel free to call with any questions. 1-216-938-8941 attention Adam Office Manager.

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Nice talking with you Adam

I see you are a busy man, and I am lovin what you(r) and company are doing. Count me in to help with the toys. My business also looking for a source to spread the word about what it is we do so it will be a good donation.

Toys for tots is great, those kids smiles will be bigger and better because of your efforts.  Glad to be a part of that.

God Bless, Betty B.

PS Be sure and email me so we can connect. 




The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

here is the solicitation

  "My business also looking for a source to spread the word about what it is we do so it will be a good donation." complete with link. Why not just comment on the good effort by CMDC? foul here deb

If you notice, the first words posted were [and I am lovin what you(r) and company are doing.]  Let me fill you in on what my conversation with Adam was, seeing as how you show such an interest.

I am giving him $150.00 worth of new stuffed animal toys for his group's efforts here, and as I did get them in exchange for a partial payment, so I could donate them to a Toys for tots program (from a business which another division of my firm, A Team Master's Crime scene clean-up - completed a project for.) Those 40 toys will really please some children whom may not otherwise have such a great holiday. Then Adam told me about his newsletter which reaches thousands of people, so hey, I told him I would give him a whole $300.00 worth of toys if he could do a small article about the so we could spread the word and to look to some Clevelanders for help with this issue of Adult Protective Services still coming after Evelyn. (I need 25 people who are interested and will detail, and once we get this site going, we can help so many others who are in the clutches of government over-reaching as well!!)

But I choose who I did wish to donate the toys for tots to....and thought that link would get more visits from need, than the the site.

So, yep, I put up a link, sorry if you find fault with that. My firm is footing the bill for these 80 or so toys, or $300.00 worth and seeing as how that was the case, a link wasn't out of line. Sorry if you are offended - but cover it with the joy that almost one hundred kids will get from their new stuffed toy at Christmas time, okay?

But, as the reason I wanted to get back to this this fine group of people, is to show a video and ask for assist as well.  I have been super busy ( I did email you awhile back and never heard back) and need also to get in touch with Norm and follow up on the great refs he gave me as well. I never thought this APS would carry this so cruel and so assulting efforts toward my friend. The video will show you enough to make you cry, well, some tears anyway, for some warm hearted people.

We are running out of time, the hearing is Dec. 3rd, and the APS has pulled out all their arsonal to do this dirty deed. There are some complcations and it is nothing that needs to remove Evelyn from her home and place her into a nursing home. Not do all the other things the APS is getting famous for, isolate, medicate and steal the estate.  See the National Stop Guardian Abuse website, and you all can see soooooo many other 'victims' of this probate gang.

Always the Best, Betty B. (My phone # is off my website if anyone has any ideas, assist, Please call me if so. I will meet with you and detail what we need, or hear what you can do to help this woman - who has commited no crimes and is being ordered around without her consent. )

(or needs some toys for tots, might cost you a link tho, fair trade in my book. Adam certainly thought so for this exchange we covered in his newsletter.)


<i>The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it? </i>

well, sav cash

 just post those links and spread your own joy to those kids in return for a story. as a past editorial board member of a small paper, I shudder at this, but, hey, America is a Republic, or is it republican?

wanna be friends deb?

I think you are missing the point.  I felt a slam, and thinking you had no idea what money was involved, offered you a detailed senerio of the issue at hand. Thought you must have figured a small amount, a free ride - which neither happened.

I offered the first $150.00 w/no strings, and then doubled it when and if we could add the other as detailed above, to get out the info and see if we could get some assist for this poor lady, while doing what I thought was a great service for the kids.

Tell me why I still feel slammed? Why not mention that video and the situation at hand? Why respond w/o compassion?  I have no grudge and am trying to see where this hostility is coming from. It is not 'my own joy' it is a heartfelt gesture. I do believe "except for the Grace of God" there go I.  I would love to help more, to be involved with people here more, yet I feel being chased away? Please, someone must've done a real number on here in order for some to act this way, especially - in what I feel - is from one who could assist to some of your all causes here, and you mine as well. Let's just be friends okay? Hugs, Betty



The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

uh, no

uh, no

on 2d thought, sav cash

Maybe we can get to be friends. Suppose you post without any links what so ever to any of your business interest, because posters can contact you via realeno. No mentions of any of your business at all? Are you game? We could get to be buds. What say you? Just post on the compassionate interest you have in elderly folks? 

conditional love huh?

Thanks, I'll pass. That's not a keeper [and wouldn't last, smile, are u single that you 'deal' out love?], and you seem not to have much to offer. Let's just play nice.  I didn't slam you and took it and offered an olive branch.  I posted links there to detail the issues, offered you more than u are offering in return and you come back, still, with no compassion to the issues at hand with the intent of the post, the video and the friend.

I should explain to you that your price is too high, and the rants are taking away from the emergence at hand.

Regards, BB

hummm, folks like nice, [and like seeing warmth from people, not coldness]  and you may be scaring really good people off the site with posts such as yours. Hope someone gets to you [with words of wisdom] before you ruin a good site here.

PS. watch the g edward griffin video on .... and read what is below it............. see if it fits


The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

for crying out lod

 I asked you to refrain from advertising and you can just say no. Now you make it personal. We can't love each other regardless of the spam issues. I just can't love an Ohio Patriot. Sorry, but the the anti-Obama racisim, anti choice, pro Glen Beck, pro Sarah Palin, anti-socialist, call to arms, well, it is just a love turn off for me. No worries, though cause I am sure that there are others to share this conditional love with you. Feel free to post away, with all the links that you wish and explore the love freely. 

Here's the casket connection we've been waiting for....

Savcash has been very patient, posting about grand juries, etc., but now we are getting to the heart of Cash. 

Savcash is not a spammer, I was told....

Burial Items are something we all need in NEO, and by the way, who is Adam?




Hi Jeff,


  I just wanted to introduce myself since you asked. My name is Adam Umek Office Manager here at Clark Metro Development Corporation. I have been working here for a little over a year. We here at CMDC are a CDC here in ward 14. Here to help rejuvenate the community. And also help the community in any way by answering questions, or just putting the people in contact with the help they need. Feel free to contact me at any time. Office 216-938-8942   Cell  216-624-3811. 

and crime scene clean up

maybe they send out a CSI. we all need that, correct? 

I needed it - but it wasn't CSI

I don't want to step in the link, no link business, but I did need clean-up for an unattended death. It wasn't crime scene investigation (CSI), but unattended death clean-up. I did not hire Betty's business (the death was in Florida), but did learn that this is a big business. Bigger than we all want to know. The guys from Aftermath, Inc. came after my brother died in his home and removed what the sherriff's office did not. They removed the biohazards and the materials that had been permeated by the smell of death. Before they came, we could not enter the house. At the end, as we packed his worldly goods, they wiped down every surface in the house and fumigated it. Two guys showed up almost instantly when we phoned and stayed for three days working almost nonstop. Our brother's homeowners insurance paid for the service. When asked, they said that the majority of what they attend to is suicides in homes. It is a grisly, unpleasant business, but we were glad to have them. Not everyone dies in a hospital bed. And yes, everyone will eventually need end of life arrangements.

Here's where I step in it: Some posters here put links to their other interests and businesses in their profiles. Some don't have businesses. Some put all that and more in their signatures, so that it posts with every blog entry. Some blatantly and routinely ignore the reproduction terms. But hey, there aren't any rules here about linking one's or other's business (es) anyway. We could make some, but we haven't. Correct me if I misread the terms of use.

no terms

Can not correct you, Susan, if this is not covered in the terms of use.  I thought that it was as spammers are deleted by the administrators. Is it more of a question as to how the spam is done? Since sav cash has had this with every post, is that blatant or is it acceptable because the post also deals with an issue of possible elder abuse? Where does the line get drawn when spam is defined? 

good question, Debbie

It's a long conversation. It hasn't been had in person by those who have attended the meetings, yet. However, it is much discussed here online. So I wonder, is it spam/advertising if one links to a site that has advertising? I don't know. That fuzzy line can be discussed and made more clear. Until something is determined unlawful, it is lawful and until something is determined appropriate or inappropriate for a site, we can continue to post our opinions, but that is what they are - opinions.

No censorship? Uncensored? Really? No, not really, just undercover censorship. Can you find a link to someone to write an essay for you here at realNEO despite the number of times administrators have removed those "spam" links? Maybe.

I am not condoning what any particular poster/member/user does here. I am just saying that it seems a bit disingenuous to say, "you can't do that" (since there is no explicit guidance that says you can't) while other practices which are detailed as inappropriate for this site are condoned.

It's something about attending to one's own porch before sweeping the neighbor's porch or throwing stones from one's galss house or some such. If it's guidelines about promoting one's business, conflict of interest or making money from posting on this site, I guess those decisions need to be made and spelled out in the terms of use.

From the terms of use: "Content posted by users may contain inaccurate, inappropriate or offensive material."

good answer, Susan

 I agree that it is disingenuous to say you can't so this while other can or do. I guess the terms of use do provide fair warning re: above, and it is up to each to decide that is inappropriate and or offensive. Inaccurate information is the norm in on line posting, many times just our own opinions. The users are the moderators for the most part in this area. I have to say that I am concerned that realneo has deleted some posters as spammers and not others. It opens the door to accusations of unfair treatment. Perhaps it would be best to not do this at all until it is spelled out in the terms of use.  Just a thought.

adam at CMDC & adam at stockyards

 Hi Adam and Jeff, just to avoid confusion there are 2 Adams. 1 is the office manager at CMDC and 1 is the organizer at Stockyards.

Which (1) is looking for the

Which (1) is looking for the Christmas paper?

Adam in Clark-Metro X-mass paper

Sorry for all the confusion. This is Adam Umek Office Manager at Clark-Metro Development Corporation. We are located in the Lin Omni Building. Located at 3167 Fulton Rd. Suite #303. We are the ones taking in gifts and paper. Since the Toys for Tots list had to be turned in by the 6th of November, and we have be getting numbers of people that didn’t get on the list. We have been taking kids names , ages and a phone number for any of the extra donations that have been coming in so we can help even more then just  the toys for tots sign up. We will be calling the extra kids as more toys come in so any new toy helps. We already have 50 names on the extra list and climbing every day. We are here to help as many families as we can in these hard times. Feel free to call Office 1-216-938-8942 or Adam Umek’s Cell at anytime 1-216-624-3811. And thank you all who have graciously donated already. Happy Holidays

ever do a summer "Christmas in July"?

My son owns the go kart track in Ashtabula, and I am sure he would be agreeable to some free rides, or a drive to raise funds in exchange of promoting his track, for your cause. Kids [and adults] would truly love it!!

Call me please, Betty



The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

christmas wrap

It is Adam at Clark Metro. 

OK - Thanks.  I will get

OK - Thanks.  I will get that over one day this week.  Also Adam of Clark Metro, can I just make a donation of toys and you get them to the right place.  

Toys 4 Tots

Yes we are still taking our donations since we had to turn in our list to toys for tots so early Nov. 6 this year we stiil took names and numbers for extra children so any donations would helf those on the extra call list.

Adam1 and Adam2??

Sorry-Dr. Seuss is never far from my mind :) 

I just friended you Betty...perhaps it would help to change your on screen name.  Americans have no problem making money, but they JUST don't want to discuss it in public.  So dirty!

thanks much

For the friendship, and the post Laura

I kept my 'handle' as I have had it for over 12 yrs (when started in biz)  It also links to skype when you/we are on different boards, and I sure don't want a problem remembering where I sign in as who.  So, it stays. Nice to see you call me Betty, as that is how I sign my posts, not savcash, and yet.....

And to tell you the truth, this line of threads here is not the first 'attack' I have had, and seems if one is intent - they can find out much by research of the internet, and would have found out the handle association anyway, and carry on from there if that is their mindset.

Nothing to hide here, was trying to be upfront and still am....well. Let's go on from here as I know I am the new kid on the block. I didn't sign a link to the burial items prior, and neither the scene clean up, prior as it seems I am now being accused of...only the and still stones are thrown.....and when in fact seeing how I had offered, will pay a hefty price to assist with the $150. - $300.00 of toys, it was not out of line at all.   I fairly answered, detailed, was more than civil,  and see that  "uh no", response when it wasn't needed. Like I said, let's >>let it be, we are all adults here and need not hold grudges, I sure don't.

Again, thanks alot, Betty 



The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?