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Approximately 6:00PM this evening I received a message from Councilman Joe Cimperman that Dr. Sanders had called him with the news that Tremont Montessori School had been removed from the closure list. 

I did not receive any information on the other schools.




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Tremont has a one year reprieve, Jerleen--it's all smoke and mirrors. 

The mention of a one year

The mention of a one year reprieve was not in the message I received last evening.  However, I did hear something to that effect at the TWDC Board meeting last week.  Herb Crowther was explaining about certain committments that would have to be made but I did not know if that was a for sure thing or not.

I do plan on checking into the details this morning.

Will agree with you about the smoke and mirrors.

Community test

The district did not make the decision to keep Tremont School in its current location because of an emotional outcry.  They made the decision based on reasoned arguments and proposals from the community that focused on real community involvement and support of the school in the form of marketing, fundraising, tutoring, etc.  Because of that, it is now the Tremont community's responsibility to follow through on that promise.  I don't find it unreasonable at all that the district would monitor the school to ensure this follow through.  Twice before we fought to keep the school open and twice before the community went back about it's own business without effecting any real change.  I know this because I have also lived in this community for the past 13 years and fought both times and disappeared both times.  It is not about smoke and mirrors - it is about keeping promises not kept in the past.  For my part, I intend to stick around this time and work, granted, I have two very special incentives, but many folks in the community without children are just as motivated.

School board member?

  I hope that you are also a school board member who can show/decide/vote with the same compassion for the parents with kids in the sixteen schools neighborhoods slated for closure.

Not on School Board

As much as I care about all the kids in the CMSD, I can't imagine that I would ever take that job - I imagine it's pretty tough.  I'm not comfortable being in the spotlight and would prefer to work behind the scenes.  I do sincerely hope that the other communities can step up support for their kids.  I don't know all the specific issues surrounding the other closures - I freely admit I've been focused on my own.  I wouldn't even begin to know how to put forth reasoned arguments for saving them. 

I will say that I do support further development of specialized schools and options for parents.  Example: One of my daughter's best friends lives in a terrible neighborhood on the east side.  She sent her daughter to Tremont Montessori by way of Dike Montessori, but the travel became too difficult (all the way from Mt. Pleasant.)  She reluctantly transferred her to the school of the arts elementary - though we continue to get together every couple of months.  She's a super mother with very, VERY limited resources.  But  by having options, she was able to ensure that her daughter was not at the "falling down" neighborhood school as she described it. 

I also strongly support the idea of wrap around services, particularly in those schools where a large number of children may not have the same family support or super mom that my daughter's friend has.  We need to find ways to nurture and support those children who need it most.

Tremont School

Congrats to the families that are part of the Tremont School. I am glad that at least a reprieve has occurred,  and that the parents and school staff can use the time to organize a permanent solution. It is hard to keep people engaged, especially when the students come from all over the City, and the parents work. It can be done, and I wish you the best.


thanks to lmcshane

A thanks to Laura for hanging in and reporting back on the maneuvers of the CMSD. It will be interesting to see the plan that is handed to the CMSD board. It will be too much for the board to fully comprehend, but that is besides the point as they will give Sanders what he wants.  I can fully empathize with the woman who felt betrayed as I vote for every levy that the school has put on the ballot. I think that over the next few months, the plan will be amended by the Board upon the request of the CEO. Since this is an unfunded plan, "accommodations" to the plan will "have" to happen.

The best coverage of CMSD in the world

The best coverage of CMSD in the world is on realNEO, and LMcshane owns that!

Thanks for covering this, as well

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