TREMONT SINK HOLES - tremont side walks-streets-yards etc. breaking-cracking apart - sinking

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as sohpia honey yoga and me walk our walk in tremont almost every day we see the side walks that are cracked and sinking - getting worse - almost every block and the streets and the yards like tremont school in the back in the grass area close to the building there is a small sink hole with a red warning cone sticking up to warn folks - this is warning that this will get worse and worse and very large and dangerous sink holes will swallow homes buildings streets side walks people etc. - mother earth is being pulled - collapsing apart -


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Tremont is not special.....

The same neglect is seen throughout Cleveland....

Again.....accountability of Public Leadership has been avoided by the everyday citizens....

Shame shame....all those middle class working folks not having time to call the city leadership to complain because they are drinking those $11.00 beers at those affluent Tremont venues....

Look...if they can afford those beers--then they can afford to fix their awesome cars who gives a crap about the little weak, low income, disabled people who live there? (No one will care) a matter of fact---Tremont leadership has allowed this decay to force those folks out too.................federal steering violations again and again........

Tremont leadership is trying to eradicate the quotas now that they believe they are above taking care of the people.... it's up to citizens to lobby their councilman to fix these problems...but they have divided and conquered your community, block (club) by block (club).....

...Perhaps the bad folks will trip and break their ankles so we with Irish roots can all see them limping along.....twisted thoughts. Sadly---what results is the innocent getting hurt.

Are they sink holes or are their Puick Pits for the drunks of Tremont; maybe ask your councilman if this is the case?????

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I reported bad sidewalk to city several years ago, nothing done

 Funny thing is, in one of the studies that was done (by a consultant, of course), it said that sidewalks needed to be repaired.

Of course, Sammy's SII proposal a few years back said people were upset about parking, low-cost restaurants were needed, elder residents should be consulted and involved. None of which was donenothing fixed.

If there is no penalty for not following through, it is all just so much hooey.


Tremont sucks.... sucks the little people dry to make the big people seem important....................

Sucky, sucky, sucky.....slirpy, slirpy, slirpy...

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Tremont (TWDC) will be Ohio City (OCNW) Stepchild

  Due to council redistricting and shrinking pool of funds - NPI (again) has threatened to reduce foundation funding awarded CDCs. This is saber rattling, of course, because there are so many friends and family employed by these outfits that our council representatives can't turn the spigot off without a major hissy fit.

Tremont West Development Corp still has representative residents who can muster an effective fight as shown recently by their efforts to save 21 trees (Bradford Pears) slated for death row.  Thanks to powerful business voices with legal counsel- the Lenaghans, and an experienced, war-torn resident, Henry Senyak -Tremont was able to save all but seven trees (and three of these are dead). 

We stand to lose over 20 mature oak trees and be subjected to the nightmare of an environmental "remediation" that will undoubtably uncover and create an even bigger "remediation" project.

So, I won't cry for Tremont just, yet.  

But, I will cry for my neighborhood - Brooklyn Centre. Stepchild to the out-of-control monster CDC Detroit Shoreway-with their stepchild CDC - Stockyard Clark Fulton Brooklyn Centre- and until 2014 - nominally still under the mostly useless, but "friendlier" CDC - Old Brooklyn Development Corporation.

After 2014 - many of us will also have to contend with possibility that parts of Tremont and Brooklyn Centre will be under the despised Land Bank-Rokakis-Frangos Opportunity Corridor crony-thugster, Tony Brancatelli, who finances his own useless CDC, Slavic Village Development Corporation. 

Brian Cummins, sold out the eastern part of Brooklyn Centre (inherited by Joe Cimperman), and will have to distance himself from Brancatelli.

(BTW- if any one cares - Foster Pointe's residents are pretty much 100% African-American and have been moving out due to fumes at the facility and no response from management.  The original manager has quit (reinstated at NRP's office in Garfield)



2.5 million to remediate WC Reed Field-KILL Oak trees

  Some contractors are really making out.  First, the City (see above) says 1.5 million and now it's 2.5 million - and the money is guaranteed.  Can't beat that scam.  

Tonight, the City of Cleveland provided an update, five months later - starting June the contractor hired by Ohio EPA will remediate WC Reed Field by installing a liner and replacing the top 2'ft of topsoil.  AND - KILLING the 50-80 year old OAK trees that are in the park.

No council people at tonight's meeting - thank you to Channel 19 for covering the meeting - watch as residents get screwed over again...this is CLE.



If Brian Cummins expects to survive- he should stand up to defy the city's plan to kill our oak trees--but I won't hold out hope.  

The game is rigged, unless- we vote the whole crew out of office (including Kevin Kelley- Old Brooklyn CDC's major funder, and slated to replace Martin Sweeney). 

Otherwise, just kill us all.