Tuesday Evening at the Cleveland International Film Festival, Shaker Square: SHALL WE KISS ...

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Tue, 03/24/2009 - 22:10.


SHALL WE KISS directed by Emmanuel Mouret

second screening: Saturday March 28, 7:30 pm

For one evening, and one film only, the 33rd annual Cleveland International Film Festival moves to Shaker Square Cinemas, at historic Shaker Square in Cleveland.

I was there at 7:15 pm to see SHALL WE KISS directed by Emmanuel Mouret. Many people and organizations came together to make it a special night. The film was sponsored by Continental Airlines and the French American Chamber of Commerce,Cleveland. John Foreman of Cleveland Cinemas and founder of the Cleveland International Film Festival was there to introduce the film as well as Peter Rubin of Coral Developers, Shaker Square and the Director of Shaker Square Community Development.

SHALL WE KISS is a romantic charmer of a film. As I watched the credits at the end someone nearby said “you get your money's worth with that film.” How true, the screen play, the acting, the costumes, the sets were faultless – for me it was a perfect balance of art and realism in this romantic comedy. The film employs a common narrative technique; the story within a story -- think Scheherezade or Pickwick Papers. Both stories in SHALL WE KISS revolve around the consequences of a kiss. Emilie, a seductive fabric designer from Paris is in Nantes on business. She asks Gabriel, a handsome art restorer for directions, he gives her a ride and she captives him into to the wee hours of the night with a cautionary tale of why she is hesitant to kiss him. The protagonists of her story, Judith and Nicholas are tortured by the consquences of a kiss that changed their platonic relationship into true love.

It has been 28 years since any Cleveland International Film Festival films have screened at Shaker Square. Shaker Square Cinemas was known as the Colony in 1981, and the theater had just one screen back then. It was shuttered most nights but was opened exclusively for The Cleveland International Film Festival.

If you have not been to Shaker Square Cinemas recently, its one of the most beautiful theaters around with a lovingly renovated Art Deco décor and a gourmet concession stand complete with Great Lakes Brewing Company Beer. You can't beat the location for pre/post theater food and drinks; Shaker Square and nearby Larcmere have some of the best dining anywhere in Ohio.


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