07.05.25 Header of the Day: Steelyard Outlot Pan

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 05/25/2007 - 01:52.

Steelyard Commons

As a contrast to yesterday's Header of the Day, of Beechwood Place Mall, here's a new pan from a shoot at new Cleveland Big Box Mall Steelyard Commons, still in development, on April 20, 2007.

To find this commons, I drove deep into the Cleveland Flats, along a decrepit road that passes the Cleveland Impound Lot and LTV Steel, now Mittal, running along freight rail lines, then suddenly becoming a ribbon of brand new concrete, rising to meet civilization, leading to a vast expanse of bubbling big boxes called Steelyard Commons. As of this shoot, many megashopping favorites are here, along with acres of parking lots, one or two centrally located bus stations, and much room for expansion. The setting is quite dramatic - surrounded by a ribbon of freeway to the south and west - rail lines and steel plants to the east - Tremont and downtown Cleveland to the north... the middle of nothing. It is worth looking at the larger images of both pans here, attached below.

Steelyard Commons

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about as attractive as Fort Riley, Kansas

I didn't realize it until you posted the pictures, but this Steelyard Commons production has all the cachet of the expanses of concrete at Fort Riley where we used to assemble the 1st Division brigades and battalions--armor and infantry--for change-of-command ceremonies, back in the mid-1970s. We used to have buffalo there, too, guarding the ammo dump, and very few shrubs and trees--just like Steelyard Commons! No wonder I have mixed emotions when I gaze down upon what is coming to be known as little Mitchell's folly...bringing us the same insipid shopping experience available in thousands of other venues coast to coast, but from that uniquely-Cleveland toxic hole down off the freeway.

don't get me started

I recently attended a presentation on Web 2.0 at Cuyahoga County Public Library.  One of the speakers mentioned that viewers/readers want their information fast first and the details are not important.  Accuracy, spelling, those details don't matter as much as FAST.  Viewers/readers also tune into the news they want to hear, not the news that really matters.

I don't mean to harp on accuracy, but...

I don't mean to harp on accuracy, but...should this comment be on this post, or is this a new free-form blog pastiche, where we construct the comment, expel it, and let it fall where it may? Just curious and not terribly critical. The approach may have merit, especially when most of us read off the sidebar.

Crank criticism

Tim, your point is the same criticism I received on BFD.  I am linking here.  If the link doesn't make sense to you or someone else, ignore it.  At least, you get that a post does not have to reflect ONE opinion.


I wasn't criticizing you for being a crank. I just fail to see the logic or the rationale to the positioning of the "linkage." It would be more effective as a separate post and would probably generate more commentary. In its current position, it starts out buried. Again, I just don't get it.

Think like a girl

Last night a very good friend of mine, who is a doer, mentioned the negativity that pervades our city.  She is a multitasker who thinks positively and makes very little idle talk.  It's not just a girl thing, but we all get tired of the "old boys." I see the value of this forum, if we raise awareness, but harping on the same old thing is not going to change the world.  Maybe, I don't get it.  I'll hang it up, if I continually fail to mind the gap.

what communication is

communication is an attempt to narrow that gap, moving toward a middle position where most people share an approximately similar understanding, despite gender and age disparities

Stream of Consciousness posting


Hello Tim and Imc,

I find that responding to a post in any manner - whether strictly "connected" or in a more remote way -  like a passing cloud in your head -  is a benefit to the poster and the community. 

For the poster their post is certainly relevant, or the mental connection between what they read and what they posted wouldn't even have entered the poster's head.   I find as a reader that one of the pleasures of "stream of consciousness" posts is  trying to understand how the poster's mind moved from what was read by them, to what the text brought to their mind to write.  And why.  And then, to forensically calculate what motivated the poster to make the post - that seems at first glance to be disconnected.  I have never met (to my knowledge) Imc so Imc's personality is developed strictly through this virtual connection. 


For the community it is beneficial to see what other’s are thinking – the more free form the responses, the more we can understand subliminal connections and design our own messages more effectively.

And Tim, who will be the judge of whether or not a response to a post is appropriately relevant to the post?   I have a draft of a post I’m planning where the audience may have a tough time seeing the connection between the photo (a tipped over 18 wheel dump truck) and the lies our government feeds the public without our outrage.  It took me several months to realize that the connection between the dump truck and the rationale “spun” by the operator, contractor, police and fire department for it’s tipping was the same process that has taken place with Iraq.  Would it be a reasonable complaint for the audience of Realneo to respond to my upcoming post and tell me that the photo was too disconnected from the text of my post? 

to the lighthouse

Virginia Woolf agrees : ) 

intuitive, verging on the mystical

Jeff, it sounds downright intuitive, approaching the mystical, this burgeoning metaphor woven around the tipped-over dump truck. I'll have trouble containing myself until I see it here, or there, or somewhere in the blogosphere, in print. Maybe haiku would be an apt format, if you mull things over much longer. In any case, be sure to leave a clue as to where you ultimately drop, dump, or otherwise expel the passing cloud.


See for yourself

We can't always condemn development.  I want utopia as much as the next guy or gal (or guy/gal to be politically correct for our transgender friends). So, if you can't beat them, join them.

Steelyard  (or Stealyard to some) will have a family-friendly (love that descriptor) GRAND OPENING on Thursday, September 6th, 2007 from 4-8:30 p.m. featuring local bands (a march of local high school bands starting at 7 p.m.), 25' rock climbing wall, bounce centers, hot dogs, sodas etc.  I am intrigued by the advertised Sea Monster obstacle course (?!)...