Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Tue, 07/21/2009 - 14:08.

I live in Ward 14 and I support NELSON CINTRON JR. He is the only candidate that promotes unity, has the experience, and does work to empower other people. He believes in the little people, he is not afraid to stand up for what he believes, and he holds some of the highest ethical campaign standards that I have seen in this election. He refuses to allow (EVEN ME) to be inconsiderate of others. He is not using negative tactics to promote himself. He cares about these people and this community. I've seen his dedication for too many years. I know his record. I've watched his work and one of the most invaluable qualities he has is the professionalism that enables him to be considerate of his competitors even when they are using negative tactics to promote themselves.

So, when everyone wants to know why I am standing my ground on this matter.... maybe they should know about the undeniable facts that empower me enough to support this candidate.

Maybe they should think about a person's spirit that offers selfless service to his fellow man and courageous leadership that respects diversity while promoting unity. 

Months ago, I was truly aggravated over the new demographical changes in Ward 14, the funding issues, and the absolute contempt of Mr. Santiago for other people in general... It was unsettling to me. Initially, I yelled at Cintron about how Santiago has used the gay population to create more polarity in our community. Cintron was civilized about the statements I made...and he made me realize my own ignorance. He cared about EVERYONE respectfully and worked to promote healthy relations in our community. I was amazed at that and I soon recognized my own ignorances again.

Long story short... WARD 14 is about to enter into a renaissance of develpment, unification, and empowerment...I believe that NELSON CINTRON JR. has the combined knowledge, skills, and abilities to promote our neighborhood, unite our community, and to build bridges instead of destroying them because of his combined knowledge, skills, and abilities. His experience outweighs everyone elses directly in our community. His lifelong commitment to the people is undeniable. He knows how to collaborate with people from all walks of life.

So, for all of those who try to disrespect this candidate with your negative politics, remember that he's being considerate, kind, and has asked me to refrain from being negative to ANY of you.

I find it absolutely beyond contempt that Santiago refused to share in the grand opening of the Roberto Clemente Park with both Nelson Cintron Jr. and Rick Nagin who busted their behinds in the early phases of project planning and development... and were both present at that event. Santiago's most opportunistic and professional moment was clearly decided with emotional contempt for anyone he doesn't like... 

Until a couple days ago, at the Puerto Rican Parade, I was considering another candidate highly... But, their "ATTITUDE" with me over my valid point of their own questionable statements made me realize that they were not qualified to sustain professional relations across the board in an unbiased manner.

So.... as of today's date, I give my vote, without hesitation to NELSON CINTRON JR.  

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There were a number of

There were a number of Council members that didn't impress me in years of watching them.


Nelson Cintron was one of them. High on the list.

Resident viewpoint

  Respectfully--Roldo.  Angel is speaking as a long time resident of Cleveland.  It helps to have the resident perspective. 

That's not a problem. I'm

That's not a problem.

I'm not a resident but I have the experience of watching members up close and I was just giving my opinion.

I agree

I agree with Roldo on Cintron. I had him for 8 years as my councilman. I  had an amicable relationship, no bitter controversies, and concluded that he was very ineffective and as time went on, an embarrassment. I wish (again) that the choices were not so limited. 


Walk in his shoes for a day, then come back and say that.

That man , Nelson Cintron Jr. was fighting for his community's rights at large when faced with the adversity of Council. I bet he had more than his share of diverse issues down at City Hall... no doubt. But at least I know he's looking out for the big, medium, and little people... Not just one or the other. 

It's not always pretty when you have to face those types of scenarios regularly...It's not a popularity contest protecting the interests of your people... (Oh, I forgot, we are talking about Cleveland though...) 

With all due respect, Ward 14 doesn't need another pretty boy to waste 4 years figuring out the politics of City Hall... we need someone who's ready to roll up their sleeves and work through the issues.... One who's not afraid to do the work for his people. That's why I am voting for NELSON CINTRON JR...

He's indiscriminatory when it comes to representation. I cannot say that about the rest. But, I guess you haven't been over here listening to their sales pitches either. So, I guess we'll just have to respectfully agree to disagree on this matter! 


yes, let's disagree

We will respectively disagree on this. I don't need to walk in his shoes. I worked on his first campaign, and like I said, time showed me how ineffective he is. I thought that at first this was inexperience, and it wasn't.  

After Santiago, I could see where Cintron would look good. Again, it is too bad that the choices of candidates are so limited.




 $5,000,000 Invested in West Side Market Area

Lincoln Middle School, Promoting Non Smoking with VP Al Gore & Congressman Dennis Kucinich

Addressed the City Club March 1999

Supported workers to be represented by Union at Peterson Nut Co.

Assisted in locating new Veterans Outpatient Clinic at McCafferty House at West 41st & Lorain

Rite Aid opens on Fulton/Clark.

Hollywood Video opened at Fulton/Lorain.

Lutheran Hospital invests millions, completes a massive restructuring, new main entrance and expanded parking.

Orchard Park development of scattered houses and plans for 34 new homes at West 41st and Bailey.

THE CMF Building. (Lin Omni Center) was purchased and by Lin Omni with development of office space and an International Food Court.

Clinton Terrace will be a new complex of ten Townhouses at West 32nd and Clinton.

Planning for the HARP, an Irish Restaurant on Detroit and West 44th.

"Lake Effect" restaurant planned featuring a piano bar.

Cleveland Paper Stock Co. on Fulton and Vega collaboration to replace the fence, eliminate graffiti and sustain ongoing cleanup.

LJ Minor Co at 2621 West 25th Street expansion. Houses demolished making way for new Technical Culinary Center. A Packaging Room Addition to open in Fall 2000. Approximately $8 million project will create 40 new jobs.

St. Ignatius High School constructs St. Mary's Chapel which will seat 400 students.

North Coast Food Service is reconstructing the building across from the West Side Market.

Home Repair Incentive Grant Program matching grant of up to $500.00 for exterior repairs is available to all homeowners.

91 Chuckholes filled in

10 Street Cave Ins filled in

12 Piles of debris removed

34 Cases of Graffiti cleaned up

6 New Guard Rails installed

80 Utility Cuts in Streets

$201,900 worth of Resurfaced Streets:

Humanitarian Mission to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Georges

Spanish American Committee started new housing program with grant from Sisters of Charity, Tremont Avenue Day Care Center, First Bi-Lingual Boy Scout Troop and Cub Scouts of Northern Ohio.

First Annual Bargain Box Toy Sale organized by the Junior League of Cleveland to Ward 14 held at United Church of Christ on Bridge Ave. (Dec. 1998). No toy was more than $4.00.

Celebrated the largest Puerto Rican Parade with 4 days of events  in Cleveland's history.

ESPERANZA provides hope to the Hispanic community with academic tutoring, mentoring, college and career guidance counseling and scholarship assistance through their services.

HUMADOP (Hispanic Urban Minority Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Outreach Program) empowers the Hispanic Community to eliminate the negative impact of HIV/AIDS, alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs through culturally sensitive prevention, education, interventon, and treatment services.

St. Rocco's Annual Festival was better than ever.

CLEAN UP TRAIN AVENUE with Painting of Murals  by Americorp volunteers and they joined  local residents to complete some major clean up.


MY Vote in WARD 14

  I have Rick Nagin's sign in my front yard because I belong to a union; I voted for Brian Cummins against Emily Lipovan in 2006; and I am listening to Nelson Cintron, who has visited my street twice in one month.

Rick is a great guy, but I am concerned about his blind loyalty to Kucinich, who I believe has sold  us out along with Rokakis.  Brian would have my vote, were it not for the abominable NRP investment scheme and other questionable demolitions that have occurred in my neighborhood.  

I wouldn't EVER think of voting for Santiago, who has played along with the Sweeney/Hoffman/Bruckman/Gordon/Lipovan/Vinci/Russo/Rokakis machine all along.  So, that's where I am at right now.

If  Brian somehow extricates himself from the NRP mess...and follows through on his efforts to transfer the Wirth House/Art House property to the American Indian Center and repair it, I might vote for him.

Otherwise, my vote is wavering between Cintron and Nagin, who have both indicated an effort to represent residents, NOT developers.

Politics in Cleveland: Unification vs Polarization

I can appreciate your opinion very respectfully. 

After learning so much throughout this campaign, watching the dirty politics that appear to be undermining the election, and recognizing the needs of the people... I gave every candidate my consideration.... one by one I uncovered the specific reasons I will not vote for them.... 

As a lifelong military person....I cannot honestly support the Green Party Agenda through a candidate who is riding on the democratic, independent and green party coattails. I know Brian is quite educated.... Your sharing of the NRP project development is a reflection as to yet another local development project that has gotten way out of control with public monies.... The entire mess is questionable as far as something that I believe Santiago was trying to ride the coat tail of and stuck his foot in his mouth over... 

SENIOR HOUSING: Apparently, there's this new idea in these City Council folks heads that it's okay to neglect offering the seniors the available programs to repair their homes.... while violating them, citing them, and using code enforcement to drive them out of their homes. Their actions constitute planning a development, then targeting the seniors through these practices that influence them to move, sell, or be fined when they cannot perform... (Oh and I have heard about the OBCDC trying to "BE THERE TO HELP THE SENIORS" too.... But did they collaborate or rally volunteers to assist these seniors in the interim? I doubt it.... It's all become about big money to all the people involved.

That has me flaming mad. Perhaps in extreme cases we should collaborate to effectively help a senior who is unable to care for themselves...but just the same- we should also work to collaborate helping them at their home and with their needs as a community.  

Rick Nagin is a man with a great bit of education and experience as NELSON CINTRON'S assistant. They collectively worked on those enumerable projects... but he never impressed me as being the one to fight the machine... I have also known Rick for approximately 20 years in the community. 

They both faced and fought corrupt City Hall politics. Brian has vocalized those same politics down at City Hall that he faces. When he accepted $2,000 from Sweeney, that just sealed the deal for me... moreover the fact that in the last 4 years-as a sister ward leader with all of his Knowledge, skills, and abilities, he never came over to see what he could offer the Clark Metro Development Corporation at any level...he supported the Santiago actions...he didn't fight for the CDC when it was trying to reconstitute. There was public notice put out about meetings. (I know he's busy taking care of his ward and we weren't his job then.) 

Truthfully, the City Hall monster is running neck in neck with the County... it's all about who you know, what you know, and what you have to barter a deal towads accomplishment. These highly paid leaders all play the game. It's politics everywhere... Who's got the best deal on the plate? 

Well, when it comes to representing our diverse community... Ward 14... I don't need another any of the bottom 5 candidates.... I don't need pushovers, historically convicted frauds & felons, and I don't need anyone who is biased, actively engaged in "playing" politics the old fashioned way, and I don't want anyone who's about forgetting the little people.... I need a passionate, hard core, motivator who can see all sides of the spectrum and react effectively.

After hearing and seeing the behaviors, actions, and polarization of most of the bottom 5 candidates-I have stopped tracking them. They don't have a clue about development, they don't have a clue about representing unilaterly, and they are real quick to talk about their "CONNECTIONS" throughout the city. (More corruption).

But, we all know that this political machine will move forward. I just hope that in combination with the PD, REALNEO, and many active citizens- that our energies will forge a NEW generation of more open, transparent, and accountable business actions down there at City Hall.

I am a white heterosexual female... I have been a minority in Ward 14 for practically 20 years.... The truth is that we need equilateral leadership who isn't playing pawns with hispanics, the gays, or the politicians in their pockets.  They have found huge representation in this community that has leveled the playing ground for everyone...

I just want equality in this race...I want our people to unite, not be polarized by these political agendas. I was the people in our Ward who are capable of leading to unite, to bring us all together for a common goal of rebuilding our Ward 14.... I want someone who inspires everyone to stay here-not who acts like a bigot.  The changes in diveristy have been here for long enough that there's no excuse for this attitude.

So, as I stated earlier...I support Nelson Cintron Jr. because I know that he embodies a positive, unifying, and experienced spirit that is unparalleled by the other candidates. 

cummins takes $2,000 from sweeney??

 Just in case your are wondering, Kate, where my previous comment came from, this is where I read it.

Sweeney Contributions

dwebb, I am not sure I'm in right pew, apologies to McShane.   Yes, Sweeney gave money to both Cummins and Nagin.  Hedging in case Brian wins, I guess. Either of them would be stupid not to take funding if proffered.   I was talking about money that Sweeney would donate to other councilmen who would in turn donate to Nagin campaign.  It's standard practice to donate money back and forth.  I think Marty gave some money to Santiago's campaign as well. 

Too tired to go back and reread.  Was Dona Brady an endorsee of Nagin?  Are you asking why I like her if she endorses a candidate I'm against?  If so, politicians support/disagree depending upon the issue as you know.   If she supports Nagin, she has her reasons.  I like Rick.  If he wins, I'll pull up my socks and work with him, but prefer Cummins as I believe he's more in tune with what Ward 14 needs right now.  We have two credible candidates.

the pew?

I am not sure of which pew we are in at the moment either but I don't give a damn about that so I am not apologizing to anyone. Are we not adults here? Can you prove that Sweeney gave money to others to give to Nagin? Or are you planting seeds of bullsh**t here but backing off because Cummins took the money? I am going to be looking at those reports closely, Kate, and the contribution that Sweeney gave Cummins is probably filed. I bet that is where D. got her info.  When you have the energy, you can go back to read what you said about the suburban democrats and my response and the question about Brady. I would appreciate a response that is in context as the above posting sure isn't.  

Right on!

  Sister :)

no comment


okay but why Vote for Cintron?

curious Angel, that you seem to get to Cintron by default.  by excluding the others he is the one that remains standing.

yes you state that you believe he is positive and will be unifying.

did you find him that way in the past, when he was Councilman of Ward 14?


YES, Nelson Cintron Jr. was a positive and unifying leader historically. He worked tirelessly to unite all people of common grounding in order to empower them to achieve their missions.  He supported goals of enumerable organizations, referred them to resources, and he enjoyed promoting citizen developed efforts to be engaged participants within our community at large. He knew the significance of every person's participation...

He was not trying to micromanage every dream towards reality, he was inviting the residents to collaborate and get energized... He offered positive feedback, positive resources, and he shared his wisdom to encourage individuals, teams, partnerships, and corporations, and everyone to succeed. He is not a selfish human being. He wasn't trying to take  credit for everything...he worked to promote everyone's accomplishments in our Ward, from individuals to churches to schools to hospitals....everyone.

When they redistricted the Ward 14 northern boundaries by cutting out Ohio City where so much City Planning and Development had been invested from our Ward 14 Councilman in support of the City Planning missions- they forgot to mention all of the investments that were part of Ward 14's support during Nelson Cintron's terms.

Whether Nelson Cintron jr was a councilman, an average person, or even when he was a youthful person- his dedication to this community has remained. It is his first instinct to treat people with consideration, respect, and realistic reactions to their needs. He's not out here trying to make promises...and I have a had a few of them "promises" thrown at me by his competitors... in this election...

I say all of this from watching Nelson Cintron Jr throughut his career. I don't get paid to say any of this. I don't need to be paid to speak the truth. I believe that some of the historical competitors and even Santiago perpetuated false pretenses/negative campaign strategies to win over the people and you see what the results were. 

At this point, you must realize that the true devastation and polarity of our ward has been magnified tremendously by Santiago. When Nelson Cintron Jr was in office, any person could call and get a reasonable response from him or his staff in a timely manner. People were significant to him inside and outside of work...

I hope that if anyone herein has any questions... any considerations or curiosities... I pray that they call Nelson Cintron Jr. direct and speak with him openly. I have grilled Nelson Cintron about many scenarios...and he has cited the answers, shown me the facts that support his actions, has provided me with evidence, and has been professional about his responses to degrees of professionalism that, I myself, hadn't even predicted.  Nelson Cintron Jr exhibits competence, awareness, and critical ethical skills that amaze me.

Perhaps if anyone who questions that about him actually picked up the phone and addressed their concerns with him, they'd come to learn a lot about Nelson Cintron Jr which they hadn't appreciated to date. When the dust settles from the bigotry, the haters, the political 'polar' bears making you false promises, then maybe you all can begin to think more clearly. When you get past the drama- you will meet a very genuine, deserving, and respectable man who does his best to make our world a better place... with each of us playing an integral and vital role in the interim.  

I'll tell you one thing... despite the fact that he was no longer Councilman... he never hesitated to be proactive in helping his fellow residents in the ward.

It was Santiago who adamantly refused to work with the block clubs, respect the outspoken citizens who rallied to close bars, while neglecting his role as a leader to unite us all, not polarize us. Santiago's disdain, contempt, and lack of leadership skills created unparralleled dissention in this community... He was challenged multiple times to participate, help out struggling businesses, help out veterans, and to use his power to empower our residents. According to him, that was not his job. (I still wonder what he thought his job was?) 

At the end of the day, I encourage democracy to run its course. I encourage voters to speak out for their communities. I promote a healthy venue of the facts as I see them. I recognize everyone's right to their opinions all the same with respect. I just hope that we all find the empowerment with this election to TAKE BACK OUR COMMUNITY! 

One thing I can tell you about Nelson Cintron Jr... he believes in the process, providing the people with the opportunity to actively participate in their ward issues, and he strongly believes in hearing your concerns so that he can effectuate change that you need and desire.



thank you Angel

for taking the time for a thought out and thoughtful response.

in another post regarding the police you state:

>>My quality of life issues were not important<<

that has been my experience with city council for at least the past ten years.

in 14 specifically the council reps and have rans, assistants, etc that are now running, have without miss, liberally stated they know my position and who i support before i speak.  at some point during this period while canvassing my street Nelson told me he knew i supported the "other candidate."  whoever that was, whoever Nelson meant.  I do not know as I do not claim to be clairvoyant or otherwise know the content of someone else's mind.

so for me this time around i wonder if in the four years off has Nelson grown more tolerant?  will he address the concerns of residents that he is convinced are supporting someone other?

so as you have learned to deal with your Ex without the assistance of the police (if i was reading that post correctly - sorry that's got to suck) I have learned to live in Cleveland without any legislative representation.

i actually dread local election year as things get stirred up.  after the dust settles and they take office i, thankfully, get forgotten for another four years.


You are welcome and thank

You are welcome and thank you for your insightful response.... 

Let us not allow your legislative ideas/concerns to be in the settling dust bowl for the next 4 years then. Let's get a community of supporters, put it in writing, do the business steps- administrative, collaborative, marketing, and communications necessary to make that legislative idea a reality! 

If what you have been sitting on for this long is still significant-then let's empower you to lead the way, support you, and let's get a councilman in the seat who won't try to hush you-but who will promote the wants of the citizens through the democratic process... let's build a team/community that collectively can support your goal... Let's make a positive difference.

As you stated, everyone claims to know your position...but ultimately doesn't .... What is your position and what changes would you like to implement? I think you have a list of residents who are members of the civic organization REALNEO who may be a great foundation for embracing your considerations and also being respectably appreciated, supported, and promoted by at least, the future councilman I support (and he has experience in doing so!) .... That is why I say to vote for him too, if we vote for the one that will empower us, promote us, and support our community goals... then we are empowering ourselves! (I believe that Nelson Cintron jr has this capacity!) 

I strongly believe that letting the truth be heard, finally addressed, and being receptive to change will empower all of us to overcome the history, the diversity, and the corruption... It won't be easy, it's a battle that will take a lot of dedication, and ultimately the goal is worthy of the fight... So, yes, I do appreciate finally meeting a group of citizens who are as fed up, tired, and proactive as I feel inside...

In your experience with City Council over ten years you evidently were unable to meet your goal... Let's put that on the table and find a way to make it reality pending it's feasibility with the community at large. Let's get support for your ideas, let's promote it, and let's make it reality as a TEAM.

You see, what Nelson Cintron Jr. has repetitively reminded me is that he appreciates, encourages, and expects civic involvement. As one citizen, somehow I take it that your voice was not heard historically. I cannot say why or know what the matter of intent was without you sharing it. Most importantly, it cannot be supported unless we bring it to the people for support...

If you have genuine, quantitative, objective ideas that make sense, then let's incorporate them into the big picture... There's a lot of reasons and rhymes why our individual ideas never become reality, predominantly because of a lack of collaborated support.

In this day and age, with this type of forum being offered and prayerfully with the new election-we'll be able to reignite block clubs and let community reps speak, work directly with the councilman, and work to overcome powerlessness.

I, personally, am waiting through this election to see where it goes... At least I know with Nelson Cintron Jr.- everyone will be treated fairly, that he will listen, take into consideration, and respond with answers that provide us with the tools to make our ideas a reality.

BJ, I do not personally know your area/issues at this time. After speaking with Nelson Cintron about the many areas and issues he's been hearing, (some new, some old, some different, etc) over these past months, particularly with the new area of the old Ward 15, I believe that he's taking into consideration the diverse different concerns that each group of residents have in our community. 

I have discussed several issues with him directly and gotten responsible answers that offered the 1,2,3 solutions...and in some cases required me, as a citizen, to get off my behind, go out here on my own street, and do something about the problem instead of wasting time blaming others for why it wasn't changing. (and those ideas do work too!) 

Yeppers... I used to expect the councilman to do this, do that, and react this way and that way, to be the solution-not offer the solution... But what I have learned in growing up a little-smiles- is that we are all responsible for our community in some way, big, small and in between... when I started taking action, working to empower my other neighbors, and inviting them to partake in the changes... their spirits, attitude, and their actions changed for the better of all...

By taking on a small ounce of leadership, promoting a small sense of community around my own home, and engaging my neighbors-good, bad, and indifferent-with face to face respect.... my neighborhood changed dramatically and so did my sense of purpose as a resident.

There's over 20,000 people in our ward... how can any one human being HONESTLY say that they would be able to listen to every SINGLE voice without neglecting doing their job as councilman? If any councilman spent all his time listening to complaints-he'd never have time for anything else... like reacting to those complaints, finding viable solutions, and implementing change-let alone seeking out new and empowering development ideas that would benefit our community.

It's time for us to work together as a team, setting aside our differences while promoting our consensus.

The bottom line is that we need to unite and promote leadership in our block clubs, our community organizations, and within our neighborhoods that provides a consensus of the problems and works through a communication chain that is formidable to making a difference. We need to find solutions within each of our various neighborhoods, then collectively as a community.

Heck, I actually planted flowers this year-even after some "less than desirables" stole my beautiful sprawling pink and green leafed plant last year that my friend gave me for Mother's Day and had been hanging out by the back door.  After praying that maybe some kid took it forward to his own mom and letting go of the anger, frustration, and resentment that my life was violated... I came be back this year and I took a chance to plant more flowers and care when it felt like no one cared... And I felt good about that.  It changed my own attitude.

I will say this about the community of Ward 14... there's a lot of disillusioned folks who feel they have been wronged. The combination of governmental factors, the police reduction & subsequent 'BLUE FLU' in 2002-2003, the underlying changes of the steel mills closing, the demographic changes and closets being opened to all diversity, and the current economy combined have simply drained most folks' spirits, attitudes, and pushed them into some of the toughest times in ages.

Our people are resilient, but they need to know that someone cares about them... They need leadership.... The lines at the food centers are getting longer-even I have had to use them. The philanthropic donors are getting burnt out... and the little people are hitting points of not wanting to help each other...there's a huge sense of: why should I care? What is in it for me to do something for nothing? I cannot leave my house because they will rob me blind, can't you see that I am living between two gutted vacant houses? A lot of folks are imprisoned in their own minds, homes, and dynamics with no hope in sight....

Nelson Cintron Jr. incites hope, promotes the possibilities, and inspires the neighborhoods to get involved through various avenues so that he can support their diverse needs.  He inspires realistic actions towards change.

Everytime you try to get excited about something, someone is apathetic, negative, and falls through on the role they were going to play (of course if you have a bunch of money to offer them-then they will work-but they won't be enthusiastic, caring, or proactive-so you end up carrying them through a project like a drill sergeant barking orders to get things done or kissing their behinds to make the littlest job get done- like clearing a vacant lot.) 

Some folks concerns have simple solutions. Some require a little to a lot of collaboration, teamwork, and community involvement. The major problem I see in Ward 14 is polarization of politics. When any of these candidates finds it in theirselves to be rude, discourteous, or unprofessional with the other candidate-regardless of their differences, then how can he lead a community as diverse as ours? I've seen those polarizing games. It won't be healthy for any of us.

I watched several of the candidates give me their speals by knocking the other candidates.... I am guilty of that and have been yelled at about it. It's a challenge that I embrace to promote healthy, qualified and factual points about the candidate I support, not the others. When a lady asked me why I believed in the candidate-I told her as I have told you herein.

From my dummy perspective, it's my understanding that there are lots of steps that are required to collaborate, initiate, and promote-let alone sell legislation. The more unified a team is in doing the leg work, the better off the community will be at accomplishing their mission. When a councilman can work with his community in a unified matter-then we can accomplish many goals... and the seeds of change will be planted... one person, one place, and one community at a time.....collectively.

Let's unite, let's work to promote your ideas, and let's build bridges that towards positive changes! 

Vote for Nelson Cintron Jr. for Ward 14

Politics.....come full circle....

Santiago...bye, bye....

Brian Cummins perpetuated the master plans...




Night, night. 

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Dianna Hill for County Executive

Hi Missie - we miss you - hope you might consider a run again for County Exec - I am voting for Nelson.  I hope that he and Brian Kazy make it past the primary.  They are the only candidates I will support against the evil Jackson-Sweeney-GCP-Forest City-Land Bank machine.




But, at this point; I don't have the energy left to write stuff I spent countless hours writing four years ago. My feelings remain the same about the players.....



Anyone want to go spraypainting with me????? Perhaps a few signs before the primary????? on a brick wall............so we can get some more housing violations, condemnations, and political retaliation going??????????????? 


I mean; I haven't spent the last several years eating shit for doing something wrong???? Have I???? 




Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Come on guys...let's have a paint party....I'll get permission................woohoo..................