Do spare me the St. Frank Giglio The Martyr evangelism

Submitted by Tim Russo on Tue, 04/07/2009 - 10:01.

I posted on Frank Giglio today at my blog, after a long series of conversations with Tremonsters.  I don't know how this guy has managed to pull off the snow job he apparently has, but enough is quite enough.

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Its the house that was martyred ...

First of all, I am on the side historic architecture, not home owners (good or bad home owners). I'm intrigued by your post and I'd appreciate knowing more about this story, such as how you found out about the tunnels and the feces. Do you know of any photos or other documentation of this?

Spreading rumors hurting people

Tim-- This needs to be cut in the bud, it's mean-spirited and youactively target a individual that is undergoing extreme difficulties imposed upon him. Your motive is pretty evil.

and it's a stupid publicity stunt at some one else's expense!


Frank seems cool to me

I don't know much about Frank's past and you don't mention sources so I don't know about their intent but I have met Frank on a very casual basis and he seems like a nice guy who should fit in fine in Tremont... typical Tremont, unless something about what is typical Tremont is being changed.

The house was definitely in a historic district and historic and also seems in the flightplains of three major development efforts - the hospital, the bridge and the SII - so he deserves extra protection against abuse, rather than extra abuse.

If Frank was sick, as you suggest, then he should have had extra protection - court appointed lawyers, etc...

But I don't think he is sick, and I don't think he was protected the way citizens should be protected, especially in highly controvertial development zones.

Really sick people are cracking all over America and shooting up cops, friends and family for less... Frank put his hands behind his back and got hauled off to jail and it still isn't clear why.

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