Tunnelvision, Corruption, Dot Connecting...and the Revelation of PREMEDITATED CORRUPTION UPON OUR COMMUNITY AT LARGE

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Sat, 10/02/2010 - 12:01.

The bottom line boils down to these people learned the games that could be played after years of being politicians...then they collaborated with friends for long term investment strategies....they lobbied the government to change laws that would protect their stakeholders and then they implemented their mechanism to "GET RICH OFF THE PEOPLE" locally....


If you set the people up to fail, prevent them from getting proper legal assistance b/c they are low income, and you create laws that benefit the tax lien holders and county representatives WITHOUT OVERSIGHT while also empowering Appraisals to be done on behalf of the COUNTY by collusive pals that are inflated for several years-then the local tax base should have created tons of income for these leaders to keep hiring their chronies to do nothing....but refer, defer, and leave the people hanging.

People have been struggling so much that they cannot see straight....meanwhile...their MASTER PLAN devised to steer out the low income has definitively worked...They are leaving our community in droves! 

Anyone who didn't play their games and eat their crap has been stonewalled, blackballed, and divisively abused by the buddy system that protects these people...

NOW....it's time for our people to be put first...



OUR GOVERNMENT WAS SUPPOSED TO PROTECT OUR INTERESTS...but they got greedy..... it's time to cease & desist all Cuyahoga county Government operations until the NEW GOVERNMENT TAKES EFFECT IN JANUARY...

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You nailed it

You nailed it - and the PD is paid big money to cover it all up.

Corrupt maggots.

Disrupt IT

call in The National Guard

The National Guard needs to protect Cuyahoga County residents from corrupt elected officials.  

This is an emergency and a disaster.