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In response to Guy Templeton's blog regarding "Tremont West Development Corporation and most board members will be sued in court if they don't include amended by-laws mail out."

First of all, the TWDC Board Minutes of May 2011 reflects the following:


 B. Annual Meeting/Membership Maintenance – A lengthy discussion continued about the inclusion

of resumes, biographies, questionnaires and personal statements in the packets to be sent to all

members of TWDC prior to the annual meeting. The main concern is about the cost of mailing

large packets. Also noted is the cost of time/money of employees collating the information and

the consistency (for easy reading) of the length and content. At the April meeting, this subject

was tabled



mailed and that all other information from or about the candidates will be available for pick up

at TWDC office or mailed by request. Josh Zielaskiewicz seconds the motion. All in favor


  Henry Senyak motions to take the tabled information off the table. Lynn Murray seconds Josh Zielaskiewicz motions to allow the personal statements to exceed 50 words. Lynn Lynn Murray motions to include the short statement by candidates in the packets to be

Second, myself and others attended the Nov. 17, 2011,(last evening) TWDC Board meeting.  One of the Action Items listed on the agenda was "Recommendation for by-law changes for vote at January 2011 Annual membership meeting."

Board member Tim Jenkins took it upon himself to make a judgement call that most of "us" members o the community could not comprehend such complicated things as by-laws.  In other words he thinks we're stupid.

Jenkins also introduced the new proposed changes up for approval by the membership at the January 2012 annual meetings as a laborious backbreaking challenge that stressed the TWDC by-law committee to the max.  Newsflash....the TWDC by-law committee has not convenied since 2009.  The last by-laws posted are dated January 2010. 

There are only a couple of the by-law committee participants still around. 

Jenkins also made laughing remarks that "by-laws" was no longer a term used in referring to an organizations guidlines.

Well, I checked with the "on-line" dictionary (a modern reference) and found the word by-law still listed as a noun.

The Black's Law Dictionary still refers to this instrument as a legal and binding document


   /ˈbaɪˌlɔ/ Show Spelled[bahy-law] Show IPA

a standing rule governing the regulation of a corporation's or society's internal affairs.
a subsidiary law.
British . an ordinance of a municipality or community.
As per Black's Law Dictionary:

The rules that govern the internal affairs or actions of a corporation.

Normally bylaws are adopted by the shareholders of a profit-making business or the board of directors of a nonprofit corporation.
Bylaws generally include procedures for holding meetings and electing the board of directors and officers.
The bylaws also set out the duties and powers of a corporation‘s officers.


Earlier in the week, I came across some information that NPI (Neighborhood Progress, Inc.) was attempting a "shake-down" of TWDC by threatening to withdraw funds if the organization did not hire their pick of a new executive director.  This would be an unfair tactic as far as other funders not having a say in who would be ruling the roost.

More to come. 





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