EDEN'S PROPERTY TAX EXEMPT private hospital of the week!

EDEN runs a chain of 90 PROPERTY TAX EXEMPT private hospitals


This lovely private PROPERTY TAX EXEMPT hospital owned by the Emerald Development and Economic Network is one of the crown jewels of Northeast Ohio's many outstanding hospitals. Only a humorless bureaucrat from the county fiscal department would classify this beauty as being in poor condition. With its Greek portico entryway lovingly constructed with iron residential gasline piping and surrounded by an exquisite English garden, it screams Get Well Soon to its patients. In fact I think the parade of young women I saw exiting the private hospital this evening for a night on the town, dressed in skin tight mini skirts and 4 inch heels, and piling into 3 late model cars, may already be quite recovered. EDEN owns over 90 private PROPERTY TAX EXEMPT hospitals and the waiting list is permanently closed. Much like the Hotel California, you can check out any time you like but you can never leave.