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it should be noted:The U.S. Government has had its military;  its best experts;  scientists from America's best Universities;  as well as experts from the Chevron Oil Company, examine what you are about to read, and not one of them has been able to disprove any part of it.  .They all know it's true, but there's NO solution, so they don't dare tell you !!



.T H I S.  I S.  IT

The following is not to create fear,.but to document with facts, what America now faces, so that you can then make informed decisions in providing for you and your family.  We are not selling anything or promoting a book, we do not accept monetary donations, we are not members of any sect, cult, church. or organization.   We are simply dealing with the reality of where things stand here in America, today.  No one is authorized to use this page in any way that solicits money. As long as its contents are complete and not altered in any way, anyone who wants to can copy and reprint this page without cost or fees of any kind.

 C L I C K   T O   E N T E R



The oil companies already own the drilling rights to more than eighty million acres of land in America which contains an abundance of oil and natural gas.  So why are they fighting so hard to obtain off-shore drilling rights, which are much more difficult, and three thousand times more expensive to pursue?  This article is about to explain why !!

The life-threatening problem we are about to describe explains why the oil companies do not DARE to drill on most of the eighty million acres of oil and gas rich land they now control.  Financially, it would make sense for the government to cancel their leases on this land, as they are a major expense, but the government wants major oil companies to maintain control over this oil rich land, in order to keep it out of the hands of any small drilling company that would want to drill on it.

So, in order to keep companies like Exxon, Shell, and so on from canceling their leases, the government has been providing enormous tax breaks and incentives which more than off-set the annual lease payments that these large energy companies pay for them.
Until now, you've rarely heard about the process used by.these oil companies to get oil:  Because if you did, you would probably not be able to sleep at night!
Wherefore, we as Americans, Canadians, and Mexicans, are all now living directly on top of the largest, most volatile. BOMB. ever to be imagined by mankind.  This report will explain the process by which this unimaginably powerful bomb has been created.

.I have laid a trap for thee, and thou art also taken, O Babylon, .and thou wast not aware: .thou art found, and also caught, .because thou hast striven against the LORD.   (Jeremiah 50:24)



In preparation for what we are about you with common logic:.

To the fourth empire on earth to be founded on the principles of materialism, The Most High God said:.
.. When you cry..., Let your companies save you;
but the wind shall carry all your companies away; .(to foreign soil)
vanity shall take them...  (Isaiah 57:13)

Would anyone claim that this is not precisely what is happening to America's industries?,





Both Google and Yahoo
Have quietly moved to China




IBM  has moved a lot of its operations to India


America's largest WAR CONTRACTOR has moved to Dubai
taking its billions of U.S. Tax-Free Defense Dollars with it !...

Halliburton:   Has already moved from Houston to Dubai



America's Auto Makers Have Quietly
Moved Their Best Paying Jobs,
And Their Assets, To Foreign Soil,
Yet, They Will File For Bankruptcy In America !


All our major oil companies now
have headquarters In foreign countries.






While MANY will try to claim what you're about to read is not true, by advancing every "opinion" they can come up with to TRY to disprove it, the fact is that it IS true, and proven. The science behind it is well-established, and easy to grasp.
The Science Behind It:
To start with, as I'm sure you already know, you can't remove ANYTHING from anywhere, without it being replaced by something else.  For example, you cannot even remove a chair from your kitchen, without it being replaced by air from some other room, which will eventually get its air from outside, by whatever means.

Failure to replace any removed material with some other material of equal size and/or volume, will create a partial vacuum.  Call it the Law of Replacement.

If you understand the above, you will understand every word we are saying.

As documented by the following link: .Over the last hundred years or so, the water in our underground aquifers have been heavily pumped by irrigation farmers. This has lowered these water levels by 100 feet.  The result has been that a partial vacuum was created in our water aquifers.

According to the Environmental News Network:
"For fossil aquifers, such as the vast U.S. Ogallala aquifer ... depletion brings pumping irrigation water to an end.  Farmers who lose their irrigation water have the option of returning to lower-yield dryland farming if rainfall permits.  In more arid regions, however, such as in the southwestern United States, the loss of irrigation water means the end of agriculture.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that in parts of Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas -- three leading grain-producing states -- the underground water table has dropped by more than 30 meters (100 feet).  As a result, wells have gone dry on thousands of farms in the southern Great Plains. .Although this mining of America's underground water (by farming) is taking a toll on U.S. grain production, irrigated land accounts for only one fifth of the U.S. grain harvest, compared with close to three fifths of the harvest in India and four fifths in China."   (End Quote)

Now that we've provided an expert source to refer to, allow us to remind you that the "PANHANDLE" portion of the Hugoton Panhandle Natural Gas Reserve we will be referring to in this article, sits directly UNDER the states of Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas !!!!

HOW OIL IS BROUGHT OUT OF THE GROUNDSince about the year 1910, America has been extracting its oil and natural gas from the H-P Reserve by pumping high pressure water into it, which it gets from various lakes and rivers throughout America.  This is referred to as the "Water Replacement" process, because in effect, they are replacing the oil and gas they remove from the reserve, with pumped in water.

In order to extract natural gas from what is basically an enormously large, "dry", and very much interconnected set of chambers called the Hugoton Natural Gas Reserve, which sits directly ABOVE the water aquifer we just discussed, which is separated from same by a thick layer of shale type soil:  America's energy companies have been using twin locomotive size diesel engines (pictured to the right) at a place called Sanford, Texas (just north of Pantex) to turn incredibly huge water pumps. X

In this case these pumps remove water from man-made Lake Meredith (created by a large dam which was constructed on the Canadian River just to it's north) to pump huge amounts of water into the H-P Reserve, so as to force the oil and natural gas that's in the reserve up out of the earth, into pipelines, then onward to processing plants.

Now, consider that America has been using this process which the Energy Companies call "Water Replacement" for just under a hundred years.

Still wonder where America's water is going, .and/or has gone ?

Water, not being anywhere near as thick and heavy as oil, will, over a short period of months, eventually seep right down into the water aquifers.

In areas such as the Rocky Mountains, the H-P Reserve, which runs all the way from the northern tip of Canada to the southern most tip of Old Mexico, and from ten miles west of our Pacific Coast, to about ten miles east of our Atlantic Coast, consists of little more than dense oil soaked layers of shale rock: And for which reason, it is not profitable to extract gas from most Rocky Mountain deposits.  Even so, several very rich oil fields co-exist with the H-P natural gas reserve in these same areas of dense shale rock.

In places such as south Texas, oil formations are much deeper, and do not generally pose the problem we will be discussing.

However, should our shallow natural gas reserve ever become ignited, everything on the North American Continent would either explode or burn.

Having skimmed over the above, and reminding you that the Ogallala aquifer lies directly beneath the Hugoton Panhandle Natural Gas Reserve:

It should be easy to see that the partial vacuum formed by the water that farmers have removed from the aquifer, sucks all the "replacement" water downward,.that the energy companies have been pumping into America's natural gas reserve for the purpose of extracting oil and natural gas.  From here forward, since this process is also assisted by gravity, for simplicity's sake we will simply refer to this process as gravity.  Although it is to be understood that both forces are very much at work.

With the replacement water now depleted, a partial vacuum is then created in our natural gas reserves, which in turn draws air (oxygen) into the reserves from the surface of the earth, mostly through vent pipes created in the drilling process:  Thereby effectively converting our gas reserves into an extremely volatile bomb made of oxygen and remnants of natural gas.



. .

One can easily see that with the water in the aquifer depleted by farmers using it for irrigation, the energy company's "replacement" water is constantly being drawn downward, thereby creating a partial vacuum in the Natural Gas Reserve above it,  which then sucks oxygen into the reserve from the surface of the earth.

Although the gas reserves cover a lot of area beneath America, the water aquifers are even more enormous.  So, the farmers removing a 100 feet depth of water, created a TREMENDOUS amount of vacuum to suck down the replacement water used by the energy companies for purposes of extracting gas, which by comparison, amounted to just a few inches of water in depth.

Having established the above generalities, i will now go into detail.




1.  According to its own official maps, which we provide below, America (and both its neighbors) sit directly on top of the Hugoton-Panhandle Natural Gas Reserve, which is the largest natural gas reserve on earth.

2.  According to the energy company's  own public records, they already own, or have legal rights, to in excess of eighty million acres of land in America that is known to be some of the most oil and gas rich land in the world.

3.  In order to extract natural gas from what is basically an enormously large, dry, interconnected set of chambers, America's energy companies have been pumping huge amounts of water into them for just under a hundred years, to force the gas out into pipelines, then onward to processing plants.

4.  Once the gas in a given part of the chamber of our natural gas reserve reaches a point where it's no longer dense enough to be economical to extract gas from, these energy companies simply move on, to areas that are more dense, in hopes that the vacuum caused by the receeding "replacement" water they had pumped into the first area, will suck enough gas in from other areas of the overall reserve, so that the area they just depleted will once again be dense enough to be economical to work.

5.  Meanwhile, the law of gravity has been constantly pulling the replacement water they had previously filled that part of the gas chamber with, into our water acquifers, which are located just below the gas chambers, leaving the partial vacuum which remains, loaded with lower "remnant" levels of natural gas.

6.  Granted, most of the overall gas reserve consists of fairly dense shale rock, but there are large chambers (wide open spaces) particularly in the areas where the energy companies have been removing oil and natural gas, from within the same general area.

7.  With nothing else to fill the void created by the reduced water level in these areas, the resulting vacuum sucks air (oxygen) down into these huge chambers, from the surface of the earth; mostly through vent pipes created by the original drilling operation.

8.  Once the oxygen to gas ratio reaches fourteen percent, the "mix" in this part of the reserve becomes volatile, and subject to exploding if and when it is ever ignited.  A mix of twenty one percent oxygen to gas ratio causes that particular gas chamber to become a genuine fully loaded bomb of a magnitude that even most scientists cannot imagine, that is just waiting to be ignited.  Just the banging together of almost any two pieces of metal would do it !!

9.  At a point just thirty miles north of Pantex, where America stores its larger (and older) nuclear weapons as they wait to be dismantled, the H-P Reserve is less than - fifty feet - below the surface of the earth;. and subject to being breached by just anything falling from the sky, such as an airplane, a meteorite, or a bomb.

10.  If that should ever take place, the entire North American Continent would be subject to a series of explosions and fires, until it literally ceases to exist, .because the entire North American Continent is literally perched on top of the H-P Reserve.  So, after the explosions, those parts that are made of heavily oil laden shale rock would simply burn until there is nothing left.  Which means the dirt itself would burn.

The kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived extravagantly with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning,  Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas that great city Babylon, that mighty city! ...for in one hour is thy judgment come.

And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buys their merchandise any more:   (Revelation 18:9-10)

Think about it !
What other country.BUT.America could these two verses be referring to ??



Some will try to tell you that the earth simply will not burn !!


. An underground coal fire that has now burned for almost FIFTY years..
Some will no doubt claim we are sensationalizing the problem, and some will no doubt claim that fire cannot survive, or even exist underground.  Others will no doubt claim the catastrophe we are describing just simply cannot happen to America.  Try telling that to the former residents of Centralia, Pennsylvania !!



THIS.was Centralia, Pennsylvania in 1960

xxxTHIS.was Centralia, Pennsylvania in 2005



THIS...was Centralia, Pennsylvania in 2007.
Please note that the dirt itself is burning!
Fire comes up through some 13 square miles but covers an estimated 10,000 CUBIC MILES of space under the earth.It now threatens to consume three other towns, with no hopes of putting it out.
THIS,  is the problem referred to in this report.
Except natural gas is much more volatile than the coal fire that consumed Centralia, Pa.  Also, this source covers an estimated FOUR BILLION cubic MILES of space, it covers the entire North American Continent;  in places it lies just 50 ft. beneath the surface; and it's taking on oxygen!




THE FACTS BEING PROVIDED ARE REAL where America stores most of its larger but older nuclear weapons as they await being dismantled.  It's location is indicated by the red dot on the Texas county map.  Amarillo is located just below Pantex on the map.  The image to the right is the official U.S. Geological Survey of America's natural gas reserves; .which are collectively referred to as the HUGOTON PANHANDLE NATURAL GAS RESERVE.  The various colors on the map indicate the density of gas and oil from one area to another.

Keep in mind the gas reserve doesn't
always follow America's shore lines.

As you can see, the entire North American Continent is perched directly on top of these reserves.  The largest of the reserves within the Hugoton-Panhandle Complex is the "Panhandle Reserve," which is located a few miles north of- PANTEX, .which is just outside of Amarillo, Texas.  At this location this horrendous natural gas reserve is less than fifty feet below the surface of the Earth.
... LESS THAN 50 FEET !!

At only fifty feet, the roof of one chamber of the Texas Panhandle Reserve is shallow enough to be cracked then set ablaze by almost anything falling from the sky, such as a falling aircraft, a meteorite, or almost any kind of bomb.  This area has been referred to by local people as The Great Abyss, because it's known to be immeasurable, (which is the definition of the term abyss).  Others simply refer to it as the bottomless pit.  As this report continues, these titles will become extremely important.

And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a torch..., and the name of the star is called Wormwood...  many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.  (implying radiation)   (Revelation 8:10-11)

It's interesting that the Slavonic root for the name of the place in the Ukraine called Chernobyl (which is synonymous with a nuclear energy, and nuclear disaster) can be derived from the Biblical term wormwood.

And the fifth angel sounded, .and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: .and to it was given entrance to the bottomless pit.. And it opened the bottomless pit; .and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; .and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit. (Revelation 9:1-2)

In our previous report we described an.UNDERGROUND-fire which relied on coal as its fuel, but where coal is very slow to burn, natural gas ignites instantly.  Also, where coal is seldom prone to explode, it is the very nature of natural gas to explode instantly when ignited.

Due to the Panhandle Reserve being overworked since the very early 1900's, there are now huge pockets of natural gas all around the PANTEX nuclear storage facility.  However, in this instance, if the H-P Reserve ever explodes it will NOT actually set off these nuclear weapons.

No indeed, the results will be far more catastrophic than if they were to all go off at once, because, the explosion from the reserve will be far more powerful than the weapons themselves, and it will vaporize America's nuclear weapons, and carry their radio active particles into the atmosphere, to be distributed all around the world.

Background Information:
In the year 1924, it was thought that this oil and gas reserve was limited to the Texas Panhandle, so it was appropriately named the Panhandle Natural Gas Reserve.  The early wells were given names based on the county in which they were drilled, such as "Panhandle, Wheeler County", "Panhandle, Carson County", "Panhandle, Gray County", "Panhandle, Hutchinson County", and so on.  It was later discovered that these pockets of natural gas throughout the Texas Panhandle were part of one giant reserve.

In addition to encompassing the entire Panhandle of Texas, it was discovered that this giant reserve ran all the way across the State of Kansas.  Kansas had already named "its" portion of the reserve the "Hugoton Reserve".  Therefore, since the Hugoton reserve and Panhandle reserve were found to be one and the same, they were simply referred to as the Hugoton-Panhandle Natural Gas Reserve.

Later, it was discovered that the massive H-P Reserve runs all the way across the entire State of Oklahoma, and beyond, encompassing areas which, like Kansas, had already given their portion of this very same gas reserve names that best suited their liking.

xX Eventually, it was discovered that the H-P Reserve runs all the way north into the State of Montana, and that for drilling purposes it was "tap-able" in almost any area along the way.  Then, at a later time, it was discovered that this same gas reserve runs all the way to the most northern part of Canada, as well as all the way down to the southern most 

part of Old Mexico, with its width extending  about ten miles past both the Atlantic Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean, thereby encompassing the entire North American Continent!!

What were thought to be numerous separate gas reserves throughout the country, each of which had previously been given names that suited the people in their particular region, were now understood to all be part of the Hugoton Panhandle Natural Gas Complex.

The following is but a partial list of names for other sections of what is now known as the Hugoton Panhandle Natural Gas Reserve:  a/k/a  Powder River; San Juan; Uinta; Paradox; Williston Basins; Sweetgrass Arch; Central Montana Uplift; the Rocky Mountains; Louisiana Henry Hub; Trenton-Black River gas play in southern New York; Western West Virginia Discoveries; Wyoming's two hubs; and the list goes on, and on.

Some of these places pump their own replacement water into the reserve, while others pay pumping stations as far away as Sanford, Texas, and beyond, for providing their water replacement contribution, because their location HAS no water to pump.

Also, see the link to a recent article in the National Academies Press declaring (in red text about halfway down the page) that:  "Most production from the Hugoton Panhandle complex (in the State of Wyoming) is connected to, or could be connected to, the BLM helium pipeline and Cliffside storage facility near Amarillo, Texas."  Please take note that scientists call every one of the interconnected reserves by the name "Hugoton Panhandle Complex":.

See our link:

All of which proves that, in effect, what we have is essentially one common gas reserve that encompasses most of the area beneath the entire North American Continent; .With the commonly used Water Replacement Process turning it into a literal bomb of unimaginable size; .Thereby creating a potential disaster of Biblical proportion, without so much as one person even trying to prevent it from happening.

Government maintains that these sections of the reserve are not interconnected, most likely so it can allocate each section as a TAXABLE entity.  So, for TARIFF reasons it has no other choice but to allow these "different" reserves to be treated as though they were independent. If not, issues of tax liability would arise among the oil companies.  

Although the government will claim these are different reserves, and that they are not connected, a look at their own official Geological Survey clearly shows us otherwise.

Why does it matter if they are interconnected?

Here's a perfect example of  WHY

In the year 2005, Natural Gas Geysers like the one pictured on the right began sprouting up all around the town of Kingfisher, Oklahoma, which is about 250 miles east of the pumping station in Sanford, Texas.