Heads Up! Asteroid To Buzz Earth Monday! today - discovered sunday - Another Sign Of Prophecy? - As Large as the Russian Event

Submitted by Quest-News-Serv... on Mon, 03/04/2013 - 18:45.

A newly discovered asteroid, 2013EC, will be buzzing the Earth on Monday, only hours from now. According to NASA, 2013EC was only discovered today, Sunday. 2013EC is being compared to 2012DA14 which recently made a close Earth approach. With all of our telescopes and scientific equipment, why are we just now finding out about 2013EC? What in the world is going on with all of this space activity recently? How many more 2013EC's or 2012DA14's are 'out there' that we don't know about yet? In watching this video, understand that the truth of this Asteroid from NASA'S JPL is shared along with talk of prophecy; is this 'rock from space' another sign of the 'End Times'? HATTIP to Beforeitsnews reader Robin!




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