Tonight's The Night: How Real Fans May Enhance Musicians' Power In The New Economy

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 03/03/2010 - 01:06.

No doubt one of my favorite artists ever is Neil Young - one of the greats I've never seen. So, I greatly appreciated finding relatively recent live video footage of him performing one of my favorite songs ever - "Tonight's the Night" - in Birmingham, England, sounding better than ever. I love this version, even with audio flaws and crowd noise present. Neil Young never sounded better! Unbelievable - I am going to find a way to see him before I die, now.

Thank you Claude06890 - The Ropey Old Pirate Show on YouTube - based in Birmingham, for making this experience possible, by paying to attend this Neil Young concert in England, recording it on a simple video device, and sharing it with the world... along with 6 other Neil Young video clips, now viewed a total of over 60,000 times around the world... along with the 300+ other great, original concert clips you have provided the world, from Birmingham - sharing over 2 years of your musical experiences with us here, in real NEO. I couldn't afford the airfare, so no harm done to Neil Young, for sure.

That is the power of the internet working for a musician.

This won't keep me from buying my favorite Neil Young CD (I've bought dozens over the years, starting in album form) - perhaps FROM NEIL'S GARAGE - this will make me buy more of his new stuff (which is amazing) and will make me seek him out live. This little authentic pirate bootleg clip of Neil will make him lots of money.

Especially as Claude also led me to Neil Young's personal channel on YouTube, where I subscribed - now Neil may send me what he thinks I'll enjoy... and I may see his latest work to BUY... like this sweet little gem:... and I may show my love and promote Neil to the world. Perhaps my 16 year old daughter will see this here, and check Neil out - tell her friends - they all need Neil, bad...


I told you his new stuff is sweet.

While visiting the virtual world of Neil Young, I learned Neil's got a movie coming out - and it looks great - you probably heard about it here first, because of Claude - see and the YouTube Channel for the movie - preview below and here... as old economy and new economy work in harmony - as beautiful as Neil, tonight...

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norm how do you post the full video link like you do thanks

norm how do you post the full video link like you do thanks

yogi and guy

posting video to realneo

Hi Guy. Here's what I learned about posting video at realneo. Thanks Jeff Schuler for teaching me this. :)

Where the video is parked - you tube, vimeo, etc., you need to find the "embed code" (not the "paste this into an email" option). This can be different on many sites. Sometimes it is a link that says "copy embed code". Sometimes you can see it sometimes you can't. Often it may be found under a link called "share". Copy the embed code with a right click and copy or "control C". Back to your post at realneo - disable the rich text (it's right below the dialogue box that you're working in). Paste the embed code into the box wherever you want the video to appear. Then to check, enable rich text.

I often see a box with a puzzle piece in it as a place holder. Sometimes the video is fully visible once I re-enable the rich text. Who knows why the difference? Not me. Often the video is not visible (except for the box) until I hit submit to post.

If I am unsure about it, I go to the "publishing options" below the post, expand that by clicking on "publishing options" link and uncheck the box next to "promote to the front page". This way I can see the published post in a sort of back room - my blog but not on the front page so it's not immediately visible to all. At that point, I can edit anything that may need it before rechecking in publishing to promote it to the front page.

Disabling rich text shows you the code that has been imported when you copy and paste from other applications, such as paragraph breaks, word formatting, headers, italics, bold, etc. I sometimes have been able to eliminate fonts and other elements from the website where the text I am quoting is published.

Disabling rich text also allows me to check for spelling errors - typos. There is no grammar check though, so I often reread to be sure punctuation is at least close to making the post intelligible in this stage of posting.

I hope this helps.

hi susy susan my crush has grown - i bet you don't like susy

hi susy susan my   crush has grown - i bet you don't like susy

yogi and guy