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Vadxx - VOC leaks are no big deal - OHIO EPA permit terms


Thanks to Cleveland Citizens for Clean Air and Lillian Sharpley for producing the Vadxx report and for linking to the Ohio EPA "permit" for the waste incineration facility located next to residential neighbors on the East side of Cleveland, Ohio.  
In reading the Vadxx Ohio EPA permit  it is clear that the permit does not mandate much of anything from the facility - all the permit language is vague, open, self policed, and basicly meaningless.    
Here is a sample (regarding what the facility must do if there is a VOC leak) of the meaninglessness of the terms of the purported air quality permit from page 15 of the "permit":
(7) The permittee shall install an ambient VOC monitoring system to provide continuous 
monitoring of ambient levels that could indicate a leak in a specific zone. When a leak is 
indicated in a zone, the following procedures shall be performed: 
a. each component in the designated leak zone shall be evaluated using a properly 
calibrated analyzer or sight, sound, and smell;
b. when a leak is confirmed (> 10,000 ppmv), an immediate attempt must be made 
to repair the component. Components that cannot be immediately repaired must 
be tagged and logged, noting the date of the identified leak;
c. each leaking component (> 10,000 ppmv) must be repaired within 5 days;
d. if repair of the leaking component (> 10,000 ppmv) is delayed beyond the 5-day 
period, the permittee shall document the anticipated repair date and indicate 
justification for the delay in repair;
e. leaking components (> 10,000 ppmv) that are taken out of service by isolation 
and bypass, or process shutdown are considered to be in delay of repair; and
f. documentation shall be maintained summarizing the findings of each inspection 
performed for each leaking component (> 10,000 ppmv).
What needs to happen if their is a poisonous gas leak?   NOTHING!   
Even after 5 days of leaking what needs to be done?   NOTHING!   just keep a record of it!  Don't shut the plant or stop the process!
Good luck to the down wind neighbors. 
What the EPA should do is require that this facility put all its monitoring and production data on line 24/7/365 so the public can monitor the facility.    


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