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I am posting this spam link as text in a table so I can do it fast.  The business I am spamming for is in Austrailia.  They are creators of motion graphics, video production and interactive visuals that engage, entertain and intrigue your audience. Specialists in film, broadcast & event content for screens, we have over 10 years of experience.  

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Welcome Australian Film Industry

  Hi Tim--I already sent you a warning salvo.  JeffB will want to delete your post, but I am ahead of him here, because I see the connection to NEO--the film industry.  Personally, I have no problem with straight advertising here at REALNEO, as long as it benefits NEO.

Please explain yourself and welcome aboard!

Filmview Services
PO Box 360 Enmore NSW 2042
T 02 8214 6631
info [at] filmview [dot] com [dot] au


How did you choose REALNEO and why

You are spamming to a nice looking site, at least. And you couldn't be more upfront about it - I'm not sure I understand your point about using tables... elaborate.

More curious, what made you choose to go to the effort of posting this on REALNEO and how does it benefit you personally - are you paid for this and how many sites do you "spam" at a day or week.

Should we feel special that you chose us or are we one of 1,000s?

Disrupt IT

Why is this allowed? Soon

Why is this allowed? Soon we'll call the site REALJUNKneo.

I'm trying to understand the point

We may as well understand why this happens in the process - I really don't understand the logic of any of these links, unless just to fool the search engines into thinking lots of legit sites are linking to a business webite, boosting their search ranking.

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Delete it

  Okay--unless JeffB is trying to make a point...then delete this account.  I am too old for these games.