Vote in CLE Primary Sept 12-

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I live in Ward 14.  I voted for Nelson Cintron.  I hope everyone listens to the attached audio file.

Brian tries to defend his pitiful record.  Once upon a time, he started as a decent council representative.  But, that slowly eroded as he was broken by the demolition and real estate machine politics controlled by the previous councilman for Old Brooklyn, Jim Rokakis, and his network of cronies that include Gus Frangos and Anthony Brancatelli, now president of the Cuyahoga County Land Bank board.


To catalog some of Cummin's more egregious failures: 

  • give-away of public parkland for NRP Foster Pointe - low income housing (built on contaminated fill)
  • failed housing project Aberdeen Homes- later demo'd at tax-payer expense and given back to the shady developers
  • failure to control unchecked house flipping and strawbuyers during 2008 housing crisis, including CMHA deal for former Art House director
  • failure to save historic properties and legacy of fraud w/CDBG funds used to purchase Art House/Wirth House while he directed Old Brooklyn CDC
  • YMCA flipping and deterioration under his council representation by Robert McCall, who is a listed LinkedIn friend of the councilman-over 118K wited out by Cuyahoga County Land Bank
  • touting Masonic Building transfer to August Garfoli and John McCartney of Ginmark-White Gold LLC - now delinquent 40K and growing in unpaid taxes (Ginmark was also a County Land Bank demolition contractor)
  • creation of non-representative CDC, Stockyard, Clark-Fulton, Brooklyn Centre- now rebranded Metro West in collusion with Matt Zone and Anthony Brancatelli under Detroit Shoreway Community Development Corporation (DSCDO)
  • Dilapidation of Coral Group Brooklyn Plaza owned by DSCDO partner Peter Rubin Coral Group
  • Aragon redevelopment w/use of public monies, still undisclosed by Brian Cummins- project is at complete standstill
  • Loss of community services including grocery store ALDIs and Head Start daycare at UCC Archwood
  • Pitching a complex redevelopment along West 25th that involved displacing a tire store, permiting said tire store in a pager building owned by Sam Nazmi Khaleq - who was named in Cuyahoga County corruption scandal-foiled by area residents
  • Pitching the sale of the historic Carnegie South Branch Library for reuse using historic tax credits as part of fraudulent "Villa Hispana" -foiled by area residents, but resulting in a dangerous temporary relocation of the library to the commerical strip along Clark Ave.
  • Attempted transfer of Storer Park to a commercial property owner - foiled by area residents
  • Prior knowledge of City of Cleveland application for EPA clean up monies for WC Reed field that led to "remediation" and closure of vital community space from 2012-2017
  • Continued dilapidation of housing throughout the ward with problematic conditions ignored when reported by residents, including a vacant house w/squatters adjacent to Denison K-8 school.
  • Fraudulent dealing with Cleveland Housing Network to structure fake "Dream Neighborhood" (rebranded International Village) and fraudulent transfer of the YMCA to CHN-Eden for "permanent supportive" housing, less than one mile from an existing problem facility South Pointe Commons.

In addition, Cummins has only sporadically used his franking privilege in Cleveland City Council to send out community newsletters.  These newsletters only coincide with the times he is running for public office.


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Can you see my above comment at Clevelanddotcom CENSORSHIP?

Please check for yourself.  Thanks.  I posted and Clevelanddotcom deleted in less than 2 minutes.

I will NOT vote in the General Election

I will NOT be voting for mayor or council in the General Election - like a lot of folks - I am disgusted beyond belief in the turnout that will return incumbents to their seats in the fall election. Jackson has set up an office in the almost empty Brooklyn Plaza in Ward 14 - Brian Cummins' ward that is operated by a shadow government through the fake CDC MetroWest. MetroWest seems to have enough contact with the owner of the Brooklyn Plaza to set up a satellite campaign office for Frank Jackson - but not enough contact to understand that the owner, Fred Faraj - has plans to put in an "adult" tobacco shop (whatever the hell that means) immediately adjacent to a library serving daycares, two K-8 schools and a high school population. Jasmin Santana is now the insurance policy for the MetroWest CDC in event that Cummins is not reelected. And, though the satellite office is intended for Jackson and the endorsed Democrats ...Cummins signs are prominent in the temporary store. This is why we are disgusted. The machine needs to be taken down.