Vote for Issue 15 and the future of this great region - vote for the heart of it all

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 05/03/2010 - 05:00.

Vote for Issue 15

Over the next 8 months, Cuyahoga County must remake itself, in designing and preparation for an entirely new government - that is a challenge of epic proportions under the best of circumstances, and this is happening under the worst of circumstances for nearly all in Cuyahoga County. While our nation may be rising out of recession, parts of Cuyahoga County reside in states of true economic depression.

Those suffering the most in these trying times are the foot soldiers for our recovery, as they hold down the fort of urban structure in Cleveland and surrounding urban communities until some form of economic recovery brings reinforcements willing to brave the toxic conditions lingering at our core.

As desperate as these conditions are, I may say, living at the heart of our urban core, all is far from lost here, and the future is in fact hopeful. We are good people, as harmed as we may be, and we are capable of rebuilding our communities, ourselves, to keep the region great and proud. And those left here shall do that no matter what, as too many people still call this place home... and still believe in Cleveland.

We are at the heart of the best location in the nation... if any place in America will thrive and prosper in the long run, in times of climate change and ecological disaster, Cleveland shall thrive and prosper. Northeast Ohio shall thrive and prosper. And all people of Cuyahoga County need to prepare for that, and begin rebuilding this place for a higher purpose for the future.

To do that, we need to grow more stable foundations - we need to make the people of the region healthier, smarter, stronger and more inspired - we need to become brighter and greener.

To me, that is what Issue 15 is about - making the people of the region healthier, smarter, stronger and more inspired, for the future.

Vote for Issue 15 and the future of this great region - vote for the heart of it all.


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Voinovich and Stokes

 I received my push call for Issue 15 from Senator Voinovich and former Congressman Stokes--I hope the bi-partisan spirit works for the passage of Issue 15, but I would ask for the same accountability in the delivery of our social services in Cuyahoga County.  We need major, major oversight and a spreadsheet showing were the money goes...

Henry Gomez reports Issue 15 passed with 66% (unofficial)

From Henry Gomez at the Plain Dealer, reporting Issue 15 passes:

Unofficial results showed voters backing the tax renewal, on the ballot Tuesday as Issue 15, in a big way. With absentees and 1048 of 1068 precincts tabulated, the measure had 66 percent of the vote.

Its passage should protect initiatives from pre-kindergarten to elderly care. The tax, rejected only once in 34 years, costs about $87 a year for the owner of a $100,000 home. It is the smaller of two human-services taxes and benefits abused children, senior citizens and needy families.

"We're thrilled," county Administrator James McCafferty said in a brief telephone interview while celebrating with Issue 15 supporters at a bar on Cleveland's near West Side. "People get how important the levy is. We're humbled and happy that it is passing so convincingly."

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