Waiting for WIC - Lincoln Park Tuesday Farmer's Market

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 08/18/2009 - 18:35.

I was actually looking for Quest and Yogi, but they must have been undercover - Or in Roswell.  I couldn't see them in Lincoln Park, Tremont, Cleveland, Ohio this afternoon.  
What did catch my attention was a line of the patient waiting for something.  I parked and walked over to find out - Bruce Springsteen at the Rock and Roll?
In fact the line - at one point there were between 50 -60 adults in line - was a line of  citizens who were converting their WIC (women, infants and children) food credits into some sort of market currency which they could use to buy the fresh, local grown vegetables which the 20 or so vendors were purveying.
This is a huge advance that WIC can be used for locally grown foods.
And the bugs need to be worked out so it is easy, fast, and convenient for every WIC credit to be used at any farmer’s market across Ohio. 
On the other side, the farmers selling their produce need to be sure that when they accept the WIC currency, they immediately and conveniently receive cash for their produce.
But, the line at Lincoln is an issue.  
The orange shirted (Cuyahoga County?) staff was doing their best to process everyone in a friendly manner, but never the less there was a lot of waiting - and this is probably not a line in which you want your photo taken.   I tried to be sensitive to that.
If anyone is aware of this program, has been through the line, would you please add your advice here as to how it should be improved? Thanks.


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New system


I was told that this is a new system. Previously WIC market coupons were passed out at locations around the city and then they could be used at markets, but the redemption rate was really low. I guess the new plan is to hand out the coupons at the markets that accept them on market days. This cuts down on people who get them, but then are unable to redeem them for whatever reason. 

I guess neither solution is perfect, but I am happy to see so many folks who receive these benefits buying fresh, healthy food for their families.  

women, infant, and children

Perhaps the merchants could accept the vouchers and then redeem them themselves as merchants do with checks and credit cards? Is there a problem with fraudelent WIC vouchers?

Otherwise, double the staff from WIC. It is only once a week for the summer.

People may opt not to return to buy health local food if this is what they have to go through.

so nice

 to see WIC used for fresh food!


jeff yogi guy got to the park 5:30 pm after a ufo dropped us

jeff yogi guy got to the park 5:30 pm after  a ufo dropped us


yogi and guy http://www.nationalwardogsmonument.org/