War in Syria, could lead to WWIII, call your Senator!

Submitted by Oldroser on Mon, 09/02/2013 - 10:33.

I called Congressman Brown’s Cleveland office, 216-522-7272, last Friday, and gave the staffer an earful as to my opinions about the possible strike in Syria, Benghazi, the Patriot Act, Homeland Security (and many other federal agencies) buying enormous quantities of hollow point bullets (which I later learned are against the Geneva Convention, yet a year or two ago, one of his staffers unconcernedly told me that yes, they had to get them, because they are supposed to practice with what they are going to use--against whom, us?), habeas corpus gone, attacks on our Constitutional rights to bear arms, to freedom from unreasonable search, free speech, etc. She quietly said she agreed with me. I then went on about the Fed’s money printing. That, historically, had led to hyperinflation, unless interest rates are raised above the rate of inflation, as Volker did in the 80’s. With our debt-to-GNP at 100% in December 2011 and debt mushrooming contantly since then, that will be hard to do. And their so-called cuts, are merely cuts in planned, not real spending. The sequester cuts harmed individuals, but not spending for the President, his family, and his enormous Secret Service’s travel nor Congress’ jetting here and there.

PLEASE, EVERYONE, call,and let him, and our other elected representatives know what WE, THE PEOPLE think.

If you aren’t worried about what I am upset about, you may be upset about the IRS scandal, or the spying disclosed by Edward Snowden.

If you think it is alright to spy on everyone, what about the fact that he has already been judged guilty by the President, his Attorney General, who evidently ran guns to the drug cartel in Mexico but has not been brought to brook, and Nancy Pelosi, without a trial. Our hallowed concept of innocent until proved guilty has now been eliminated by an administration who feels it may do as it pleases, Constitution be damned. So many, many things on a national level has my blood boiling (not that we don’t have plenty locally, I wrote the FBI about some which have been proven here but ignored, and I was ignored.)

Surely, some of this scandals are upsetting to you. It seems Congress is in agreement with these scandals, they aren’t doing anything to stop them or investigate them. It seems they only care about the powerful interests  that donate to their campaigns.

We are only of interest when they want us to re-elect them. But if enough of us raised holy hell about these scandals, to the extent that they feared their future re-election, they might suddenly develop a conscience.

A member of the British Parliment, voting against such strikes, said he had received 100 emails, all against it. Maybe if enough of us protest, they will finally listen.

We can at least try, fight the good fight. It seems to me that is the realneo way.