Submitted by jerleen1 on Thu, 08/20/2009 - 22:30.

At approximately 6:10pm this evening, Ward 14 Tremonter Activist Henry Senyak was chosen (elected) to fill the vacant seat on the Tremont West Development Corp., Board of Directors.

This momentous occurrence unfolded  during a TWDC Board meeting this evening wherein no discussions took place prior to the election.  The nine voting members present,  hastely waiting to fill the empty black chair, agreed to "get on with it" and mark their ballots (I believe it was on stick-em name tags).  

The mood of the sitting board members was lite and all seemed to be joshing around as the little pieces of folded paper were passed to the teller (board secretary) Christopher Alvarado for counting and after they stepped aside to a corner desk, the count was verified by the Board Treasurer Lynn Murray.  

Henry received a short ovation as he was given permission to move from his seat against the wall and fill the empty leather backed chair at the board table.  Within seconds, it was business as usual and the new board member looked right at home as he faced off Tom Cook.

Can the life-long resident of this community help to flagellate this organization into shape?  Will this resident oriented lone ranger find the stamina to turn this horse around and lead the troops into battle or will he be over powered and just head for the hills?

Will Henry Senyak be the redeemer many Tremont inhabitants have  long awaited for or will he be swept away like so many others who have crossed over?

 Only time will tell and since there are only a few short months until the Annual Meeting and election of new officers will take place, can this constituent make the grade and hold onto his position by being a preference among the ultimate authority of  TWDC  - the membership?


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Congratulations Henry and TWDC

I have no doubt this is a good development for all, and Henry will do great!

Disrupt IT

I think it's fantastic!  I

I think it's fantastic!  I think we all agree, it's about dam time those people woke up.

thank you henry

 thank you

for stepping up and making the cut

you rock



henry, best wishes

you will learn a lot and hopefully, teach a lot.


Congratulations Henry

Best wishes in your new role at Tremont West Development Corporation. 

Way to go Henry ….

Rebecca Kempton

Way to go Henry ….
Just remember to keep you friends close and you enemies closer!



you're the best for the job

 Henry! This is a relief!