Ward 14 Makes me sick!

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Ward 14 really makes me sick they all complain about Joe Santiago which has got so much accomplished compaired to the 8 years Cintron was in office. One big example is the houses that have been demolished and someone to inforce City Housing codes. Cintron never once set foot in Housing Court or had someone represent him. He allowed the houses in the ward to become down right discusting. Santiago came into office and worked hard to get 148+ houses demolished that Cintron simply didn't care about.

The people in the ward would love to have known that! The whole Cintron Group has been trying everything they can against Santiago because he did not fund Clark Metro which was not doing what they were supposed to be doing If they would have been they would still be around. As an retaliation the started the recall which according Cinton's own Treasurer was quoted as saying the real resaon would never invoke a recall so Cintron "Trumped up" reason.  Sound deperate and personal to you? It does to me.

Take a look around the ward and you can see improvements Santiago has achieved. We have new buisnesses, cleaner streets, and many new programs such as CODE INFORCEMENT,help for the people that wasn't there before, and a crew that goes out to clean up, cut grass and other things that is the residents reponsibilty but they are there to help those who can't and cleaning alleys and other areas that is the city resonibility but the do it.

But most of all the one thing that really makes me sick is this ward is always complaing and wanting help but they DON'T GET OUT AND VOTE. I have had my eyes opened, this ward is nothing but a bunch of hipicrits!! How can you sit at home and complain but not go and vote if you "don't like the current Councilman. All of you should really go out into your own neighborhoods and do something to make a differnce.

                             Truely sickened


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 Welcome aboard. Tell me some details as I have lived in Ward14 during Cintron's 8 years and Santiago's 4 years. In the last 4 years, please tell me about the code enforcement: the areas that saw increased enforcement? Please tell me about the help with people's yards (not the City program that has been around for a while, but the one that Councilman Santiago started). Also, please tell me which alleys where cleaned? This is of big interest to me because my back yard ends in an alley that has never been cleaned by the City since I bought the house 20 years ago, so I want to know where these alleys were cleaned while NOT ONE near me was touched by Sanitago's crew.  Who paid for these crews? Did they focus on alleys near the entertainment areas or residential? Also, a list of new businesses would be appreciated.

I look forward to your detailed response of facts.


The condition of Ward 14

I don't live in Ward 14, but I am in one that borders it, and I must say that my impression as I drive through is more in line with dwebb's description than that of ward14should.  Something was wrong.  I suggest that, although voter turnout for the entire primary was pretty much paltry, those who cared went out to vote.  And those who cared determined that a change was needed.  That's why Santiago was sent packing.

I hope to see the results of a fresh vision in Ward 14 — not just because I live nearby, but because the business district has so much potential, and the residential areas deserve more.

Rebecca Kempton Hello- Ward

Rebecca Kempton

Hello- Ward 14 should vote

I’m just wondering is your real name ROBERT ROGERS better know as the ward 14 "Non-CODE INFORCER"??  
If you are R. Rogers or not give it a rest will you.  No one and I mean no wants to hear any rambling’s about how great the ward has done under the current leadership. Because most of us deal in reality and the reality is this ward is a MESS.
As far as my Supposed “QUOTE” about the charges laid against Santiago during the recall being trumped up.
I am contacting the newspaper (if that’s what you want to call it) and demanding not only a retraction but an apology for the completely fabricated quote.
I am also referring with an attorney to determine if I can bring civil litigation against The Chronicle, Eric Resnick, Joe Santiago and or The people for Joe Santiago for defamation of Character.
So you should think twice before spewing something we both know is not true because I have no problem adding you to that list.
November 3rd can not come fast enough for me!!!
So I can vote for the next councilman of ward 14 Brian Cummins.

I think its done!


Cintron. Santiago. Can we please stick a fork in it and move on?


Rebecca Kempton


Just wondering DBRA do you live in ward 14?

Brian J. Cummins for ward 14


Why should we elect

Why should we elect brian????Everytime someone calls his office they cant get through and he does nothing about our basements being flooded on garden ave.So tell me why we should put him into council for our ward 14.Do you live in ward 14?????????

used to

they redrew my neighborhood into Cimperman's ward.. . probably to get support for Maron's development of the south west 25th/Lorain corner.

I'm the one Santiago's office called the forestry department on to complain about my planting Cleveland Pear trees in my treelawn. I had organized complaint against Envy Lounge and they didn't like that.

Ward 14 is a very poor

Ward 14 is a very poor neighborhood.  It is very different from the Old Brooklyn neighborhood that Brian Cummins used to represent.  What can he offer to Ward 14 that Rick Nagin can't offer?  How would he be better suited for the job?  What experience does he have working for a neighborhood that is one of the poorest in the city? 

Rick and Brian both live in Brooklyn Centre

  Both potential council reps are as entrenched or detached--depending on how you view their perspective--from the situation in the Clark-Fulton neighborhood, because they live in the Brooklyn Centre neighborhood...not "Old Brooklyn."  

What could "bridge" the gap between the two communities? 

This bridge was built by Arcadis, the same company ODOT has contracted
with to install prison walls proposed to separate our communities. 

Imagine a bridge instead. 

The walls will no more

The walls will no more separate the communities than the freeway did.  The walls will just rectify the noise that was caused by building a freeway too close to housing. 

And, the bridge idea was voted down by many of the same people who are against the walls.  They were concerned about safety issues with the bridge such as muggings and such by the criminal element. 

And I didn't say Brian Cummins lived in Old Brooklyn I said that he represented Old Brooklyn when it was Ward 15.  I used to be part of Ward 15 when the last redistricting was done...before that I was in Ward 14...I live on the north side of I71.  I never felt like I was a part of Ward 15...I had to cross over the freeway bridge to the 'other side' just to get a copy of the Brooklyn newspaper.  At least I never saw any of the papers over here on this side.  I felt very much NOT a part of the Old Brooklyn neighborhood and there was not a big outreach to people in this area, at least none of which I am aware.  The only time I heard from them was when the noise barrier issue required community input and they wanted people to vote NO. 

From my experience Brian Cummins is more suited to working in areas that have more money and Ward 14 is not such an area.  If he has skills that can be used to better Ward 14 than I would like to hear about them.