Ward 14 News May 2011....

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Cleveland's Ward 14 community is making great strides in reacting to years of Community Development and Neighborhood Stabilization deprivation... Grassroots efforts, citizen participation, and proactive people are uniting to revitalize our community spirit.

The Spring of 2011 is showing promise with block clubs uniting again, community gardeners planting seeds, citizens participating in Safety Committees & Housing Committees, Public Servants being held to standards, advocates inspiring folks to fight for their rights in a United front, and communications being shared in multiple directions. Stakeholders at countless levels are speaking up too by notifying the political regimes that have violated our citizens that we are a vested community at large and we will no longer tolerate abusive practices.

To drive along the streets of our community; you might see business investment beginning to grow too. I have seen real estate investors doing major projects that will revitalize vacant buildings along corridors. I have spoken to lenders who are keeping their eyes on our neighorhood as it begins to transform.

The "Master Plans" are pending....fragments are out there and being worked by various players at CDC's. The housing code enforcers driven by CDC's (which are driven by Councilmen) are out there too writing up houses for city inspectors to cite and send to housing court. Vacant properties are being targeted for demolition; particularly arson properties. Blight is looking at being erased....but this all will take years....This big not for profit business is at a point that really needs to remember who the "people" are that live here and wish to invest... Prayerfully, tactics to steer out investors will not continue.

Today, next to Dollar Bank on West 25th Street near Clark, an Oppossum was trapped on a fence, somehow befuddled as to what to do next....Passers by were at eye level with this long tailed, cat sized, animal...foaming at the mouth.  Development is evicting varment tenants from once vacant buildings. Time will tell how everyone works through these changes to Cleveland's Near West Side Ward 14...

If you see or hear about ongoing projects in Ward 14, will you post them here, please? Thanks for helping to track 2011 progress along the way! 

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Public Meeting last Wednesday at St. Rocco's: Demo Funding

A citizen effort to hold the public servants accountable was initiated and many citizens arrived to speak up and demand answers about the facts, practices, and future plans for our community funding... Great Job! 



Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

The List of Houses that Community Development is Following...

in Ward 14 needs to be published here...can anyone share that list?

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Target Houses for Demolition are Pending...where's the list?

Condemned Houses that are pending demolition are listed too and are going through the process to be torn down... can anyone provide this list to our citizens?

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Block Club Meetings in Ward 14?

When & Where are these meetings planned so that citizens can participate? 


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Housing Committee for Ward 14

are tracking houses...what are the updates to their work? When are the future meetings? Who does a citizen contact regarding housing issues in Ward 14 in 2011?

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Safety Committee Meetings for Ward 14

When & Where? Details please.

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2nd District Community Relations Meetings: 2nd Tuesday @ 7pm

2nd Tuesday of the Month at 7pm at the Applewood Center... (Jones Home) at West 25th & Daisy Avenue next to the I-71 ramps.


Events include: 

2nd District Police Community Relations Committee in Partnership with Weed & Seed:

Saturday, June 4th 2011 10AM -2PM

@ ZONE REC CENTER at Lorain & West 65th Street.

Airport Fire Truck, Smoke House, BAT Mobile, EMS, DARE TRUCK, Command Bus, Water Department, Hook & Ladder, Motorcycle Unit, Mounted Unit, Health Department, Crime Stoppers, Community Relations Board....and much, much more!

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Stockyard Steppers...Stepping to Better Health Mondays @ 7pm

Join us Mondays @ 7pm at West 54th & Denison (St. Boniface Church Lot) (Beginning May 9th, except Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day).

Join the Stockyard Steppers Health & Market Garden! 

We are looking for volunteer gardeners! Anyone is welcome to join! 

Stockyard Steppers is a group of people just like you, regular folks that just want to get some exercise with other people.

Come one, Come all! Bring the kids, the dog, your neighbor!

Whatever your condition or skill level, we want YOU to join our group! 

Check out this schedule and more ways you can be involved with the Steppers! 

Free Certificate Raffles for all participants every week! 

For More Info: Call Dharma AT (216) 961-9073 ext. 204.

Partner Organizations:  Stockyard, Clark Fulton, & Brooklyn Centre CDO

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St. Rocco's ...Latin Masses

On Sunday Mornings....

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Ward 14 Events....Clark Avenue Area Beautification CDO

Keep our streets clean! Watch out for the code enforcement officers on your doorstep with lots of citations for housing court.

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