Ward 14: Politics in Cleveland: Unification or Polarization?

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Wed, 07/22/2009 - 05:18.

Politics in Cleveland: Unification vs Polarization

I can appreciate your opinion very respectfully. 

After learning so much throughout this campaign, watching the dirty politics that appear to be undermining the election, and recognizing the needs of the people... I gave every candidate my consideration.... one by one I uncovered the specific reasons I will not vote for them.... 

As a lifelong military person....I cannot honestly support the Green Party Agenda through a candidate who is riding on the democratic, independent and green party coattails. I know Brian is quite educated.... Your sharing of the NRP project development is a reflection as to yet another local development project that has gotten way out of control with public monies.... The entire mess is questionable as far as something that I believe Santiago was trying to ride the coat tail of and stuck his foot in his mouth over... 

SENIOR HOUSING: Apparently, there's this new idea in these City Council folks heads that it's okay to neglect offering the seniors the available programs to repair their homes.... while violating them, citing them, and using code enforcement to drive them out of their homes. Their actions constitute planning a development, then targeting the seniors through these practices that influence them to move, sell, or be fined when they cannot perform... (Oh and I have heard about the OBCDC trying to "BE THERE TO HELP THE SENIORS" too.... But did they collaborate or rally volunteers to assist these seniors in the interim? I doubt it.... It's all become about big money to all the people involved.

That has me flaming mad. Perhaps in extreme cases we should collaborate to effectively help a senior who is unable to care for themselves...but just the same- we should also work to collaborate helping them at their home and with their needs as a community.  

Rick Nagin is a man with a great bit of education and experience as NELSON CINTRON'S assistant. They collectively worked on those enumerable projects... but he never impressed me as being the one to fight the machine... I have also known Rick for approximately 20 years in the community. 

They both faced and fought corrupt City Hall politics. Brian has vocalized those same politics down at City Hall that he faces. When he accepted $2,000 from Sweeney, that just sealed the deal for me... moreover the fact that in the last 4 years-as a sister ward leader with all of his Knowledge, skills, and abilities, he never came over to see what he could offer the Clark Metro Development Corporation at any level...he supported the Santiago actions...he didn't fight for the CDC when it was trying to reconstitute. There was public notice put out about meetings. (I know he's busy taking care of his ward and we weren't his job then.) 

Truthfully, the City Hall monster is running neck in neck with the County... it's all about who you know, what you know, and what you have to barter a deal towads accomplishment. These highly paid leaders all play the game. It's politics everywhere... Who's got the best deal on the plate? 

Well, when it comes to representing our diverse community... Ward 14... I don't need another any of the bottom 5 candidates.... I don't need pushovers, historically convicted frauds & felons, and I don't need anyone who is biased, actively engaged in "playing" politics the old fashioned way, and I don't want anyone who's about forgetting the little people.... I need a passionate, hard core, motivator who can see all sides of the spectrum and react effectively.

After hearing and seeing the behaviors, actions, and polarization of most of the bottom 5 candidates-I have stopped tracking them. They don't have a clue about development, they don't have a clue about representing unilaterly, and they are real quick to talk about their "CONNECTIONS" throughout the city. (More corruption).

But, we all know that this political machine will move forward. I just hope that in combination with the PD, REALNEO, and many active citizens- that our energies will forge a NEW generation of more open, transparent, and accountable business actions down there at City Hall.

I am a white heterosexual female... I have been a minority in Ward 14 for practically 20 years.... The truth is that we need equilateral leadership who isn't playing pawns with hispanics, the gays, or the politicians in their pockets.  They have found huge representation in this community that has leveled the playing ground for everyone...

I just want equality in this race...I want our people to unite, not be polarized by these political agendas. I was the people in our Ward who are capable of leading to unite, to bring us all together for a common goal of rebuilding our Ward 14.... I want someone who inspires everyone to stay here-not who acts like a bigot.  The changes in diveristy have been here for long enough that there's no excuse for this attitude.

So, as I stated earlier...I support Nelson Cintron Jr. because I know that he embodies a positive, unifying, and experienced spirit that is unparalleled by the other candidates. 

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