The Waterloo Cafe

Submitted by frankyz669 on Wed, 04/01/2009 - 11:17.

 I would like to post what I hope to be an item of interest to everybody here.

I plan on creating an amenity that the Collinwood neighborhood (and Cleveland) needs.

I am opening a cafe - it will be called the Waterloo Cafe.

It will feature a menu that emphasizes local agriculture.  The cafe will be a combination coffeehouse, cafe, and bar/nightclub in the burgeoning Waterloo Entertainment District.

It will be a civic minded business heavily involved with community events.  We will closely associate the cafe with the Arts Collinwood non profit organization, and pledge to donate 10% of our net profits to Arts Collinwood.

If you would like more information - 

Call 216-571-6587 and ask for Frank.

The website is coming soon and it will be


Facebook and Twitter

 Also - if you are on Facebook - Join the group - The Waterloo Cafe and the cafe also has a twitter account.

On both counts..

Done.  See my comments there.  Great to meet you at last, Frank!

Love Collinwood - Best of Success

Nice to have Collinwood showing up more on REALNEO - much love for anything in the Waterloo Arts District - seems to have the best vibe in town over there... or are you awash in scandal there too...

Keep us posted on your opening, art shows, open mikes... what ever happens there, realneo certainly cares


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