The Waterloo Cafe (Now Open) - Head on down to the 'Loo!

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The Waterloo Cafe is Open:


15601 Waterloo Rd. Cleveland OH  44110

Open 7:30 am to 2:00 am weekends

7:30 AM to ?? (at least 11 PM - or if peeps are hangin' than later) on weekdays

Here is our current menu:


Welcome to The Waterloo Café

Coffee and Coffee Beverages

Café Mocha – Made Fresh in House

w/ Toddy, Cream, Whole Milk and

that perfect touch of Organic Vanilla



($6.25 w/

shot of


Served in 6 oz Glass w/

Whipped Cream and

Chocolate Sprinkles

(Steamed or Iced)

The Waterloo House Coffee of the


$2.00 ($1.00


$5.00 (all day refill)

Toddy – Slow Cold Brewed Coffee $4.00

Served in Iced Pint


Double Esspresso $3.00

Cappuccino $4.00

Latte $4.00

Hazelnut Cappuccino/Latte $4.00

Cinnamon Cappuccino/Latte $4.00

Cookies and Muffins

The Waterloo Cookie $2.50

Chocolate Chip,

Coconut, Pecans,

Oatmeal, and Vanilla

The Waterloo Blueberry Muffin $2.50

Blueberry Muffin w/

Orange Juice and Zest

Other Beverages

Pop $2.00 (free refills)

Breakfast Food

Breakfast Burrito

Egg and Shredded Cheddar Cheese


Add Bacon $3.75

15601 Waterloo Rd Cleveland OH 44110

Welcome to The Waterloo Café


Hummus w/ Pita and

Eggplant Tumeric Sauce


Pita Melt

Fresh Tomato, Cream Cheese,

Shredded Cheddar

Melted to Perfection

$5.25 (Chicken add $2.00)


The Waterloo Salad – Fresh Mixed Greens with Pear, Crumbled Bleu Cheese,

Craisins, and Pecans w/ Balsamic Vinaigrette

$6.75 (Chicken add $2.00)


Buffalo Chicken Wrap – Fresh Mixed Greens and Crumbled Bleu Cheese

Dressing w/ Baked Chicken and Hot Sauce


Mediterranean Wrap - Hummus, Black Olives, Feta, and Baked Chicken


Veggie Wrap – Hummus ,Fresh Zuchinni and Yellow Squash, Red Pepper, Feta,

w/ Balsamic


BLT Wrap – Hot Bacon, Fresh Lettuce and Tomato, and Garlic Infused



Thank you!

Please come again!

Our Grand Opening is June 27th

Bookmark our Website –

Coming soon:

May 16th – The Infamous String Dusters - Killer Bluegrass!

A Beachland Production - $8.00/$10.00 D.o.S.

Look for more from the Waterloo District!

Welcome to The Waterloo Café


“Good people drink good beer.” --Hunter S. Thompson

All Bottled Beer $4.00

(Unless otherwise noted)

Dos Equis

Amber Ale

Dos Equis


Flying Dog In

Heat Wheat –

Hefe Weizen

Flying Dog

Woody Creek

White (Belgian


Sol Tecate



Pale Ale

Blue Moon Great Lakes





Magic Hat


Fosterʼs Oil

Cans $6.50


Great Lakes





Amstel Light


Hearted Ale




Pabst Tall

Boy Cans


Scottish Ale



Hefe Weizen




New Holland

Full Circle

Dragonʼs Milk 22 oz


Bellʼs Oberon Ales Bell’s Third Coast Beer

Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter (9.2% Alcohol) $7.50

Must be 21 or over to purchase any Alcoholic Beverage. You will be carded if you

you look under 35!

Coming Soon: Draft Beer!


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Until I can do a full write up, I'll offer a short RAVE!

REALNEO.US Header Waterloo Cafe Open Waterloo Arts District Collinwood Cleveland Ohio

Featured as the header of the day, the Waterloo Cafe is the coolest new spot in NEO, int the coolest new spot in NEO... The Waterloo Arts District. What is happening here is the regional community development success story of the Century, so far, thanks to cool Collinwood people like George Nemeth and Waterloo Cafe owner Frank Revy, pictured here... more on the awesome story of this neighborhood to come and come! They are just getting started around here.

Stop by the Waterloo Cafe for iced mocha and cookies just like I would make, and I make the best Iced Mocha and cookies.

I'm sure everything else in the house is as amazing - Frank knows how to do things right... anypne remember his last sensation in Lakewood?

Offering long hours, light, local and organic food, high quality everything, heavy metal Mondays, free wi fi, and the perfect Beachland Ballroom launch, break or after hours spot, Waterloo Cafe will be a huge success!

Disrupt IT

Waterloo Cafe

Cool --I can do it!

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Another feather in the Collinwood cap

is the Northeast Shores Development Corporation's housing program. In addition to their regular offerings of affordable homes (in the TRUE sense of the word) their newly launched Waterloo Village Arts & Entertainment District offers affordable rent-to-own programs for artists. The most exciting part of this, aside from their equitable and ethical handling of the money details, is they provide each new artist-buyer the opportunity to work with the rehabbing contractor to fine tune the details. Recent Wall Street Journal article.

Smart CDC.


  Smart sort of like Cruel Kindness in my book...but this time CDC proves that it can HELP the community.  Kudos to Northeast Shores.

The cookies are delicious!

The cookies are delicious!