"We are Not Alone," says NASA Veteran - That makes me believe WE ARE an ENSLAVED SPECIES on earth.

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 Clark20C20McClelland.jpgIn 1991, while monitoring a space shuttle mission, in the secret Mission Control Center at the Kennedy Space Center, I was flabbergasted to observe an entity that was eight to nine feet in height in the open Space Shuttle Pay Load Bay while it was in earth orbit."

by Clark McClelland
zzz933 [at] hotmail [dot] com

"We are Not Alone," says NASA Veteran
March 12, 2010

Clark C McClelland.jpg"In 1991, while monitoring a space shuttle mission, in the secret Mission Control Center at the Kennedy Space Center, I was flabbergasted to observe an entity that was eight to nine feet in height in the open Space Shuttle Pay Load Bay while it was in earth orbit."

by Clark McClelland
zzz933 [at] hotmail [dot] com

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Since age 12,I have studied the extraterrestrial star races that are visiting earth. How can I say that with conviction?? Read on.
My career has been dedicated to the study of astronomy and space exploration at Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, from 1958 to 1992.
I graduated from a small technical college, Western Pennsylvania Institute of Technology. It does not exist any longer. Students now attend, Carnegie-Mellon University. My major was structural design engineering. I graduated with a 4.0 Grade Point Average.
When I initially arrived at Cape Canaveral, I was in demand. It was during the early space race with the USSR and the Cape seriously needed structural designers.
My career grew with greater responsibilities. I assisted in launching the ABMA (Army Ballistic Missile Agency) Jupiter C, Juno ll, and went on to the USAF Atlas, Titan, Minuteman, Thor, US Navy Polaris, Poseidon, Vanguard, NASA Saturn l, Saturn V, etc. I helped to design the rocket launchers and service towers working periodically with Dr. Wernher von Braun and his group of scientists during his many visits.
I have witnessed or assisted in launching 668 missions.
My final assignment was as a Space Shuttle Fleet, Space craft Operator (ScO). Mission astronauts said that ScO's knew the space shuttles better than the flight crews. We spent 12 or more hours a day inside them 6 to 7 days a week. Some called us GTA's, Ground Test Astronauts. It was a fitting title.

In 1991, while monitoring a space shuttle mission, in the secret Mission Control Center, at the Kennedy Space Center, I was flabbergasted to observe an entity that was eight to nine feet in height in the open Space Shuttle Pay Load Bay while it was in earth orbit.
The entity was very tall, much taller than the two NASA astronauts floating near it.  I could estimate the height due to being familiar with the sizes of the interior of the Pay Load Bay of the shuttle. I was not able to view all facial features, other than thinking I recognized two eyes, a nose and since it had a large helmet on, nothing else was evident.


It was in a body tight type uniform space suit. I saw it at a distance on a 27 inch TV monitor. It appeared that the NASA astronauts were familiar with the entity. The entity appeared to be communicating with the two NASA astronauts. There was some NASA commentary, from the Houston Space Center, but there was no mention of the entity. Following a few statements, the audio discontinued, and I cannot recall if I heard any other comments.
I was in a secret monitoring office, and it may have been their mistake in Houston Mission Control to allow my monitor to view that incident. I cannot say anything else other than that.
It suddenly was on one of my several monitors. I had several to observe various shuttle operations while in progress.
I also observed many UFOs flying near the shuttle on many missions.
the STS-48, the famous shuttle missions when we took several "shots" at escaping UFOs, I was on duty for that amazing incident. NASA said it was ice crystals. SURE IT WAS!
I have a POT LOAD of other data. No one will publish it. Why? Because they KNOW I KNOW the TRUTH. Hell, Buzz Aldrin knows a lot more.
That makes me believe WE ARE an ENSLAVED SPECIES on earth.

A large, strange, unknown spacecraft was safely in orbit behind the shuttle. It appeared as a somewhat short-winged object and did not appear to have been used as a spacecraft for traveling stellar distances. It appeared to be too small for that and probably would not be capable of deep space flight other than on board another more sophisticated carrier craft designed to be used for deep space flight I witnessed this astounding event for a total of one minute and seven seconds by keeping the lapsed time on my astronaut watch.
I am an expert in recording such unique activities. I wrote a detailed report. The report was not forwarded to the NASA mission launch director. I had no witnesses, and had I made an "official" report; which I did not, it may have caused me job difficulties. Although it still seemed it may have because what I monitor is also secretly viewed by NASA mission Control in Houston, Texas, so they apparently knew I was seeing this tall entity interact with NASA astronauts without being officially assigned to view it.
Later, an expert graphic artist was able to exactly create this observation of this occurrence for my website at URL: http://www.stargate-chronicles.com   Open it and go to the link on the website that has the name, NASA Astronaut/Dr. Edgar Mitchell mentioned. Then visit the link: "Incidents" for more revelations and disclosures by Dr. Wernher von Braun, former Senator Barry Goldwater, and other disclosures that are probably unknown to you.
About two months following my incident, I was informed of another report  by another aerospace engineer. This person was also involved in the launching of space shuttles.
This shuttle engineer observed a similar entity, eight to nine feet tall, INSIDE the space shuttle crew compartment as it orbited earth. Yes, inside the shuttle! It was slouched over to protect its head from hitting the shuttle overhead structure. Again, it was communicating with two much smaller NASA astronauts.
Neither the United States Space Program nor any other foreign Space Program known on earth constructs their spacecrafts to accommodate such physically large entities.
A few months following my experience, I was summoned to a NASA office. I was earlier told that I was being reassigned to the NASA Astronauts office for other responsibilities. The shock was the summons was not for an upgrade in my position, but rather a bogus charge that had me fired after so many years in service.
The committee said I had not listed a past address of a residence where I had lived on my original application. It was a minor error, if that.  I returned the next day with a Xerox copy of my original employment application showing that in fact the past address in question had been added. They would not take it into consideration. A kangaroo court had heard my case and denied me my job, health benefits and retirement. Please, God, BLESS America. I have lived in poverty since that decision was made.After, you are fired from NASA no one will hire you.
People of earth, the human race are absolutely NOT ALONE in our Milky Way Galaxy and NOT in the vastness of the Universe.
During my numerous years in astronomical science and aerospace exploration, it is very obvious that the human race is controlled by an evil higher shadow government. It is powerful enough that it can override various national political decisions, keep us all in a condition of global slavery and total economic control. Are you aware of the decline we are presently experiencing?
The ancient Bible talks about Giants mating with earth women. Giants are included in all of earth history. Are they still with us?? The giants we both observed?
Please open my website at URL:   http://www.stargate-chronicles.com 
I would like to thank Dr. Henry Makow for his courage in having my report delivered to all of you. Few people have offered such assistance. I offer my genuine gratitude for his allowing this to be published through his website. 

Clark C. McClelland, former ScO, in the soon to be, former, Space Shuttle Fleet, Kennedy Space Center, Florida


A wild thought- Are We Governed by Aliens?




Comments for ""We are Not Alone," says NASA Veteran"
SS said (March 14, 2010):
Thanks Henry, for publishing this on your site.
Only when you get it that we are not alone, never were,and that our entire civilization is a construct..created and manipulated by off-planet powers..only then do you begin to understand all the true source and nature of the " evils" we are plagued with.
We are a business, a game preserve, a semi-autonomous colony ruled by
puppets in service to alien stock-holders...
And that is the true secret of the masons and the mystic zionists...who sold us out for special favors..who would gain the whole world at the cost of their souls and ours.



Gordon said (March 14, 2010):
Patricia's comment, "Perhaps, when reading world history, all those devils and demons were really aliens?" touches on the truth, Those aliens are devils and demons, which no man should deal with it they value truth and life.



TT said (March 13, 2010):
Re the latest NASA disinfo......
The simple question is "wheres the camera?" Gosh I saw this alien in a Billion dollars space shuttle and it was just sitting there, but hmm,
forgot the camera.
As for we've been there before (ie the moon) the budding fabronaut needs to explain why:
- light from a single distant source (sun) produces photographic shadows at right angles for vertical objects
- the shadow side of objects are illuminated (no flash photos or other light sources), they should be black
- the absence of a blast off creator when the lunar module leaves the surface
- there is absolutely no delay in in transmission to/from earth and the moon; it should be about 2.25 seconds if there was instant comprehension of the message. The lunarnaught and Houston talk
instantly as if they were inches apart
- why there are no stars in the background photos
- two completely different landing locations have exactly the same
geographic background
- and how all of this is possible with slide ruler technology
Yeah, we went to the moon, fluoride is good for our teeth, Jewish bankers didnt fund Hitler, nutrasweet is safe, and mercury is good for



Tom said (March 13, 2010):
After reading an excellent and detailed debunking of the purported moon landings, at


I am loathe to believe anybody who claims we went there. It simply doesn't make any sense. Anybody could write what he wrote, it is not very compelling. He says he is in poverty, but he has a computer and website and is eating. And he is alive. Oh, yeah, nobody will listen to him. I'm not convinced. Been reading this stuff much to long to fall for it.

We are hit by a blizzard of theories that mostly make sense, but until it happens, we won't know, will we?

I believe the Global Warming scam is part of global control, that the economic issues, China rising, illegal immigration through porous borders, destruction of the culture thru women's lib, pornography, abortion, tv, video games, rock music, vaccines and "modern" medicine", stripped food supply, less oxygen, dumbed down education, bogus western psychology, endless wars and mass murder of civilians (tell me when to stop)......do indicate a plan towards centralizing control into some sort of Brave New World of humans who cannot achieve their true potential, whatever that is. Who is behind it? Who cares? It is, is all. And it is beyond stopping, it seems, so just do the right thing as a rule, focus on your purpose,don't get hung up on the world not going how you would like. I believe in karma, and the eternal soul, that is good enough. These assholes will screw themselves.



Bruce said (March 13, 2010):
A couple of years ago I was invited to participate in a UFO related documentary film called Fastwalkers; you may view the trailer at www.fastwalkers.com, as an executive-producer and co-producer.
It was a very enlightening experience and still continues to be to this day. During the film we were in contact with many of the worlds most dedicated researchers. The film was successful and I have received numerous emails and photo forwards from military and civilian folk attesting to the fact that there is something going on that is not being reported.
I would very much agree with the article "We are not Alone" by a NASA Veteran, that was posted on your very informative website but additionally our further research points to a massive cover-up in [another] earth based technology that runs in parallel to our "dumbed down" technology as we have it today.
Our research points very much in the direction of anti-gravity or at least gravitic technology originally developed by German scientists prior and during WWII. At the end of the war many of the scientists and engineers were given "immunity" by the USA in exchange for their scientific services and continued development of these advanced "flying discs or saucers" in a classified project called "Paperclip". To make a long story short we (humans) have been going to both the moon and mars on an ongoing basis for at least 50 years. There is mining going on and space exploration with technology that we cannot imagine exists other than in the movies.
Has anyone ever wondered why aviation has not really progressed since the introduction of the Boeing 747 in 1970? The answer is simple. Its because the technology controllers don't want to for the simple reason that the next step in aviation is anti-gravity which would take from them their trump card which is the antiquated imposed need for fossil fuel and their main means of controlling life on this planet.
Some revealing information we have received points to the fact that Crop Circles may also be "man-made" but from space using laser technology. I was pointed in that direction by an ex-USA military individual who was present at tests using laser technology to start forest fires etc.
It is unfortunate that living on a potentially beautiful planet with suppressed technology that would benefit all of mankind we must continue to endure the military "meathead" mindset of violence, fear and suppression.
I very much look forward to the day when enough people transcend the BS that the controlled mainstream media feeds its public on a daily basis that is funneled to them by petro-chemical, military-industrial and perverted religious organizations suppressing the true story of our genesis and the potential of humanity. There is something very wrong on this planet and it does point to a evil cabal that in all likelihood has its tentacles in aspects of life as it stands today and pollutes every fiber of society and life.
Despite what may sound negative above I still do think that shining any light of truth on these dark forces of control will offer some hope and a glimmer of joy to our natural birthright of Peace & Freedom.



Patricia said (March 13, 2010):
Well, the truth is FINALLY coming out! I was told that we did go to the moon but had some ‘help’-perhaps from these aliens? What they have planned for us is very ugly-read the Georgia Guidestones. AND, I will recall what a friend of mine told me years ago. He was a retired executive from Continental Airlines and 40-year UFO investigator. He asked :”Do enlightened beings take you against your will in the middle of the night and perform tests on you without your consent? And he mentioned the similarity between descriptions of some alien groups and demonic entities: smell of Sulphur, pointed ears, ability to walk through walls and rooftops,etc. Perhaps, when reading world history, all those devils and demons were really aliens?



Matt said (March 13, 2010):
There is probably some sort of conspiracy involved in the whole space exploration programs. I have learned that many of the illustrations of objects in outer space (stars, clouds, black holes) are actually made by artists. Even on the NASA sites they often footnote pictures with a disclaimer that the image is an artist's rendition or that the colors are added. Now, how come they add all these colors to their footage? Why not present the data unadulterated? The seeds of alien footage planted online may be part of this conspiracy. After the obvious lies and slip-ups of famous astronauts I don't trust the NASA cult even the slightest.

I have personally witnessed a flying saucer, in broad daylight. It looked exactly like the traditional depictions: A chubby disc with a bulb on top. The surface was a dull metallic gray. It started out being the darkest of black, not even reflecting sunlight. Then it faded into this metallic look. It had lost balance: the only steady part of it was the center, the disc was wobbling as if the craft hung on a string. Above it only skies. This was in a suburb to Stockholm, Sweden, in 2008. It floated about 50 feet up in the air, 500 feet from my apartment. No visible lights on it. A maximum of 20 feet in diameter. Later, at night, I saw a "falling star" and I think many of these "meteors" are in fact spacecrafts passing through our atmosphere. Of course, it could have been just a meteor.

I believe these crafts have to do with fallen angels, or they might be benign, godly angels travelling to see where they can help out. Of course, some might be products of the Tesla experiments, in which he allegedly created a strong energy field from a weak electrical current. (Someone correct me if I'm somewhat wrong here).



John said (March 13, 2010):
About the Nasa veteran, i went on his website and the first thing i noticed is that he reaffirms that the moon landing was true, and that he was part of it.
This only fact proves that this guy is a lier. The landing on the moon has be proven fake for a long time, and not by TV of course. So if this guy says he was "here" helping the astronauts then he's fake too.
This is the illuminatis plan to make us believe extra-ordinary beings are coming to teach us their knowledge (new age teachings) or to destroy us (to unite us against a international threat we'll need a world government). In reality we'll see the result of "Project Blue Beam", and some Antichrist's powers.
Evil djinns will help them too, when the Antichrist will demonstrate how he can resurrect those you love.
Clark replies:
Many are hitting me on other email addresses I have with the FAKE Apollo landing Scenarios again.
Dr. I WAS THERE at KSC. None of those who are emailing were anywhere near KSC.
I tracked the Apollo's to the moon and wrote reports for the Apollo Program Manager, etc.
We have many brain dead Sheeple in the former USA.



Philippe said (March 13, 2010):
Courage ?
The ET-UFOs scam is a multi-million dollar business with dozens of professionals feeding gullible readers since decades.
Clark C. McClelland even supports the old Nasa hoax pretending men really landed on the moon,
citing "the excellent TV program, Myth Busters in 2008" and the flimsy evidence of man-made moon reflectors that of course could have been placed there by robots:
But more importantly, the Alien Deception
is a NWO scheme that was first exposed by Christians,so it is surprising that Dr. Henry Makow does not mention it here.
The Area 51 secret USA military UFO base houses thousands of employees working on UFOs initially developed under Hitler during WW2,
producing "crop circles" worldwide to popularise fear of ETs.
The plan is to eventually frighten the world into submitting to a world government in a planned martial law takeover scenario, pretending to protect from a staged hostile "alien" attack.
The alien deception preparations are very well financed, it's the next big thing after the Red Scare, the Holocaust, Bin Laden and Climate Change:
Did you notice that the movie "Avatar" comes with
a wave of blue-green replacing the satanist red-white-black colour scheme that dominated corporate logos, fashion and media for years ?
Now that even you know about their plan to establish world government using evil aliens, I don't think it's going to work. And please don't accuse me of having some kind of hidden agenda. I am uninformed on the subject of aliens.
If Clark McClelland was part of this ruse, I doubt if he'd be poverty stricken and ignored.



Gary said (March 13, 2010):
Consider that a contrieved "alien" visitation would be a very clever ploy by the NewWorld Order globalists to deceive the world into uniting under a global new age belief system. These so-called "aliens" (and saucers) could be high-tech 3D holographic projections or they might be demons posing as aliens, either way the Luciferian globalists would have a very convincing deception to further their agenda.
A possible "tool" that might be used by the Luciferian globalists to make their deceptive hoax even more convincing to a majority of the world is called "Project Bluebeam", here is a web page I found that explains it in detail as it is too much info to put in one post:
Here is an article that shows research into how the Luciferian globalists are working towards their one world government:
Matthew 24:24
For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.



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