Welcome Ephraim Abdullah, Candidate For East Cleveland City Council Ward 3 - Tell Us Your Vision

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 10/16/2009 - 00:12.
Ephraim Abdullah from his MySpace Page

I'm pleased to see a candidate for East Cleveland City Council has joined REALNEO... finally, someone to talk with about politics on the East Side. Welcome, Ephraim Abdullah, Candidate For East Cleveland City Council, Ward 3 - Tell Us Your Vision.

As a resident of East Cleveland Ward 2, I welcome all East Clevelanders to the REALNEO/REAL COOP community - and I know there are many of you out there... EC members and lurkers. I've been hoping someone from EC would spark up some discussion about issues impacting the future of our neighborhoods and residents... especially as we have been through yet another four years with dysfunctional leadership, and there is a coal fired power plant planned by University Circle for the primary gateway into our city.

So, Council Candidate Abdullah, what is your vision for EC?

How will you improve education? 

Reduce lead poisoning?

Increase good investment in the community?

Stop the blight?

Really lower crime in our homes and streets?

Do you think we should have a coal fired power plant at Euclid and Lakeview?

Do you think we should spend most of our NSP funds on demolitions, and where?

Where and how do you feel we should begin developing a new economy for the residents of East Cleveland?

What would you do with Rozelle School?

So glad to see we may have a candidate for office in East Cleveland who may get social media and the new economy - I hope that is so.

Are you concerned about a digital divide in East Cleveland?

Best of luck, candidate Abdullah - we need new leadership in EC and NEO, and we need it now!

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How will you utilize EC's assets?

How will you utilize what I see as East Cleveland's three greatests assets?

1. History/Historic properties:Beside Rockefeller, East Cleveland has a fascinating history and some of the best architecture in Northeast Ohio. We need a preservation society and a historical society to create a sense of pride in our history and buildings.

2. green potential: We have plenty of vacant lots that could be turned into urban farm land for food, jobs, education, etc. Composting and recycling could save the city money -- even make money.

3. Close proximity to cultural institutions: With some of the worlds best museums, schools, and medical facilities just a mile or so away our citizens should be thriving.





 Rozelle is a gem in the rough. What a beautiful old-school school perched at the top of a lush sprawling park. I tutored at that building a few years before they closed it. Its a solid structure with lots of charm. I hope they find a fitting use for it that everyone in EC can appreciate (as opposed to private use).

My vote would be for a community arts center adjacent to refurbished tennis courts, baseball fields and soccer courts.

The morons leading East Cleveland

Plan to tear Rozelle down. I've made them all aware that is unacceptable - we shall see what else we may do to stop their lead poisoned insanity.

All decisions by all East Cleveland city officials since Mayor Brewer took office must be investigated.

Rozelle must be saved!


 that movie was sO right on....

Showing Love...

I will attemtp to answer all your questions Norm.

1.  I look forward to innovating and developing East Clevelands practical economical independence towards a more diverse multifunctional city.  Promoting NEO pots of environmental treasures.

2.  I volunteer personally at Shaw High School bi weekly 2 to 3 hours, seminars and workshops bringing the reality of actual salon work experience to the students in cosmetology.  I also work with Bridges of Hope Coalition and East Cleveland Board of Education, in the formation of after school programming through  committees.

3.  My (girlfriend) attends GCLAC meetings and seminars where she's seen you Norm, and shares information educating me to the personality of lead poisioning in children and adults.  Presently my goals are for Robin Brown and I to work on education and outreach through CCOAL.

4.  I am studying who's in the community now,theatre, libraries, RTA, GE, "Forest Hill Park designed by Albert Taylor (Central Parks architech)" and the needs of the community, business-wise, and what will it take to add the right business components to promote NEO diversity and East Cleveland economic independence.

5.  In this battle I've done canvassing and surveying with NOAH (nonprofit working with Case Western studies).  Measuring the depth of damages(cost).  In gaining a clear estimate of damages (cost), reach out to resources to attract dollars and developments to attract residents and businesses back to our city.

6.I've created a documentation called "Street Club Kits" to assist in the formation of block clubs.  I have pitched the concept to the present council in East Cleveland to make it a part of the legal documents.  Increasing citizens awareness and motivating citizen community involvment.

7.  Not according to research I've done on MMCo, the damages coming from 2 boilers to human health.  PM2.5  There are better options.

8.  I would like to study the NSP Funds options better.  I would like to know if there are other community uses available.  I will answer later.

9.  Attend more meetings with professionals.  I reach for and establish communications relations with Matt Zone, Brian Powers, Kevin Ward 9, Roosevelt Coats (even though retired), and Joe Cimperman.

10.  I would assess the whole area, speak with Barbara Thomas of her ideas and concerns, speak to the community( I see suggestions already from REALNEO socialist) the art center sounds fitting.  I would like to see the full vision of the areas plans.

11.  EDUCATION!!  ROTARY PHONES TO PUSH BUTTON.  ATARI TO PLAYSTATION 3.  All I can say is entertainment is motivation.  So educate through entertainment and have fun teaching.

Thanks for your well wishes.

My Love is like medicine to heal all your ills.

I look forward to working with you to better EC

Thanks for the insightful and thoughtful response - you seem to have the right ideas and perspectives to improve our community, and clearly are already an asset. Let's get together to discuss the specifics of these issues and others - within a few months, a new administration will take charge of the city and I am hipeful we may begin making progress again... it has been a terrible four years under Brewer, and under the influence of those he held close.

I will expect a full investigation of all those he held close, and all those he hired in the pst four years to guide the city, and where those dollars went, and what are the impacts.

Disrupt IT

see my updates

Ephraim Abdullah. com

My Love is like medicine to heal all your ills.

Ephraim Abdullah for Ward 3 EC Council

Welcome to REALNEO Ephraim Abdullah--showing love. 

Your skills are intriquing and your commitment to community gives me hope.  Thousands of years have passed and we are the same tribes played out in the scrolls.   Amazing isn't it? 

I am especially intriqued by your skills with potions, lotions, balms, and elixirs.  We need to understand simple chemistry--and reintroduce the old time pharmacology and cosmetology for a better understanding of our ecology, our eikos.

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