Welcome to Ward 14: Driving South on the Fulton Bridge over Train Avenue....The Downey Building

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Tue, 04/26/2011 - 13:53.
The Downey Building on the corner of Fulton Road and Vega Avenue between Train Avenue and Fulton Road

 Amazingly, you know when you have left the "Ohio City" area and are entering Ward 14 in Cleveland, Ohio...You can see the neglect, decay, and artistic graffitti on abandoned factories that once employed countless people. You can see the remnants of a once robust community. You can see how "Community Development" has improved the quality of life of citizens in Ward 14 without a shadow of doubt. Buildings like the "DOWNEY BUILDING" have been vacant and useless in our community for too long. City Council has steered our funding out of our ward for too long. What's the history and future of this property in Cleveland, Ohio? This property sits in a very pivotal location between great development plans for the Train Avenue Bike Paths and Ohio City... but it is a treasure of Ward 14... So who's playing politics on this prime real estate? Why has code enforcement not forced a demolition of this property? The owners appear to be making income from the huge sign that soars into the sky right next to Interstate 90 near the West 41st street exit ramps. As this property sits directly between both Train Avenue at it's base and Fulton Road on the Vega Avenue hill; cannot awesome development ideas come to fruition to recover such a property? Or will places like this simply decay to dust and leave way for the gentrified plans? Only blocks from St. Ignatius High School and Lincoln West; this location would be an awesome spot for "THE TEEN CLUB".... but who would offer it up on a silver platter to a group that promotes arts, culture, and youth collaborations? Who has the power that be to make such an awesome plan a reality? (Or has it already been slated for someone else's big plans and what are they?)





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