West 54th & Store image

Submitted by Rebecca Kempton on Sat, 08/08/2009 - 17:26.
West 54th & Store image


 Your remarks sounded more like a backhanded compliment than actual accolades to the neighborhood who worked hard to make a beautiful & colorful green space.

If you expect the best from people sometimes you will get it!!
Rebecca Kempton
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picture of 54th& Storer

Rebecca Kempton

I dont think I posted this correctly ; (

... I wanted to share the beautiful artwork on the mural at Storer & West 54th.




I like this a lot; I don't know how I missed it. I am going to see it tomorrow. Thanks, Rebecca/ 


  The other night, I rode my bike through the area, where you will find this mural.  I also found beautiful, well tended yards, homes next to boarded up homes.  Clark has a vibrancy all it's own.  Kids strutting up and down the street hoping to meet their friends or impress girls and vice versa.  It's a Paul Cadmus painting come alive.  Thank you for posting this image Rebecca.


Rebecca KemptonI would

Rebecca Kempton


Oh yes, i did see the

Oh yes, i did see the butterfly mural too.  I also saw a beautiful mural painted on a storefront right in that same area.  I don't care what anybody says, those tires are neat and the entire little lot they're on looks so nice.  Those people deserve a lot of credit for re-cycling the tires and cleaning up the space.

I do believe it's award winning. 

car, too

Did you notice the little convertible car near the back, also planted with flowers? It carries out the theme and it really creative. 

Yea I did, but I thought it

Yea I did, but I thought it was there for the to ride around and play with?  The day I passed by there was a young man there with a little kid so I thought it was fixed up as a play area.