What Children's story and Where?

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 12/30/2009 - 00:15.

image jeff busterI'm on a roll through past images on the external hard drive.

Name the children's story being re-enacted here, and the location of the re-enactment for the satisfaction of figuring it out, and for a small replica of the namesake.

Good luck; shipping not included.

Editor's note: life goes by very fast.   Not only do you need to know what scenes are important to capture, you need to have the focus to get the names of the actors involved. We are speaking metaphorically here...


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request for photo

Please post a photo of Leandre's solar greenhouse if you roll to it. Maybe Brooklyn Heights can reassert itelf as the greenhouse capital of the world with his help.

Re: the photo posted, it is not quite as self-evident for me as it is for you from behind the lens. Did you get the names? And did you organize your images with tags, folders and notes?

s miller - a couple of images you requested

can be linked to here on Realneo.  best, jeffb

thanks, Jeff

Thanks for posting these images. A reader emailed that she gets "access denied" when she tries to view them. I wonder what that is...

Access denied

I get the "Access denied" message, too...must be hot photos :)

RE: photo--The Bear nobody wanted...would be my guess...photos taken on Cuyahoga Valley line??

Image access denied - not intentional - view via "recent posts"

Looking into issue with access to realneo image gallery, will check with Jeff S.  Sorry for inconvenience.

For now, even if you are not logged in as a Realneo user, navigate to "recent content" on left hand menu, and you can see everything that has been posted to Realneo chronilogically.   You will find the image post there, and clicking on it opens the page.

Here is a slice of the "what story and where" image

Here is a slice of the image with more detail.   There are two important clues visible.

access denied cure click back arrow

access denied cure  - click back  arrow

if we're on the same page - at times when i log in i get access denied

rather than thing its a conspiousy because of my great humor profund extrermly help  wonderfull  and anti-speciesism post

i click the back arrow on microsoft or firefox and realneo magicaly appears and my logging in has gone thru

sometimes for also if a page some how dissappears

click back arrow and cannot locate etc appears

go toview  click refresh and click the message ok

i still think its a plot - but we are smarter than they are

yogi and guy http://www.nationalwardogsmonument.org/

My guess would be

The Polar Express on the Cuyahoga Valley Line.