Whatever it TAKES

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READ the book!  It was written by a reporter for the New York Times, Paul Tough.  He tries to be objective just as I imagine the Plain Dealer's Thomas Ott tries to be objective.

But, READ it.  In many ways, Geoffrey Canada is Eugene Sanders--a corporate front man brought in to sell a product and to improve the bottomline, using whatever it takes.

The chapters should tell you the corporate strategy at work here--The Lottery, Unequal Childhoods, Baby College, Contamination, Battle Mode, Bad Apples, Last Chance, The Conveyor Belt, Escape Velocity, Graduation, What Would it Take? 

When the learning environment, physical development/nuturing Baby College paradigm promoted by female principal Terri Grey does not generate a "quick profit," Geoffrey Canada in true corporate form, as CEO, does not accept any responsibility for the "failure," and instead dumps Grey for the KIPP trained male principal Glen Pinder.   

The Boston Consulting Group's "Transformation Plan," is a perverted application of the last chance corporate model applied to kids and communities--it's called cutting your losses. 

But, kids are not a product and closing the schools and killing the communities that generate tax dollars for the "corporation," is NOT a solution.

The corporate-framed BCG plan is a disaster--we can lift every child up--we need to start back where Terri Grey left off.  Building community.

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Chew on this

So, let me get this straight. 

If (when?) Sanders is indicted for fiscal malfeasance in Toledo...he still collects his hefty pension?  By extension--if Burns is retired, then I assume cohort Sanders (with 30+ years) is also retired and able to collect his pension...of course, after he does the dirty work of taking down public education in Cleveland??? 

Nice golden parachute...
 SEE comment posted by Thomas Ott, The Plain Dealer
December 04, 2009, 6:01PM
To Dave and others: If Daniel Burns is convicted on the chare of theft in office, a court can order restitution paid from his State Employee Retirement System benefits. An employee can be forced to forfeit SERS benefits only if convicted before retirement, according to Tim Barbour, spokesman for the retirement system. Burns' Toledo personnel file indicates he retired effective July 1, 2006.

double dippers

Maybe that is why there are so many double dippers.  con, scam, steal and retire before you get caught.  come back to the same old job and repeat.... con, scam and steal.

Double Dip, but Dip Less

Here's a suggestion......  all those folks who have had careers of 30+ years can retire then come back at their first year's salary (i.e. pre-1980).  If they love the job so much, then they are probably willing to start back at the beginning. This suggestion does not condone scamming, stealing etc.....

My grandmother retired and joined the Peace Corps

My grandmother retired at 65 as a elementary school teacher, and joined the Peace Corps. She learned Nepalese, and taught children in a remote village in Nepal for years. I don't know if they paid her anything... she died pretty broke, but fulfilled.

Very few people have impressed me since.

She died of Alzheimer's, but I doubt she ever really lost her memories - and she always remembered me.

She did the right things.

Disrupt IT

con, scam, steal and retire before you get caught

That about sums it up....

double dipping

seems everyone has their hand out.   retire, then rehire.

tax abatements for new construction, which often INCLUDE housing trust fund monies that assist with down-payment.  (another form of double dip)

while this is not "accounting," seems that failing to collect monies while paying out double and more, is not sound math. 

Local double-dippers

Let's remember that the man controlling our County Land Bank is a double-dipper and if he negotiated PERS for Gus Frangos, then he is eligible to double-dip, too.

And, if you want to see an abuse of HUD Housing Trust Fund monies--look no further than the Denison Subsidized Senior Housing project in Brooklyn Centre.  Brokered via the council position held in succession by Rokakis, Merle Gordon, Emily Lipovan, Brian Cummins, and now Joe Cimperman.

Just how many ways are there to redistribute wealth from the "poor" taxpayers to the "rich" scam artists, who work this system to death in the City of Cleveland...and soon, the inner-ring suburbs--especially, East Cleveland?

Remember--More POVERTY=MORE federal $$$ --unless the Obama administration stops the parasitism.