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Civil Discourse in Cleveland hit its high with Ed Morrison's Regional Economic Iniciatives , (Betsy Merkel and Susan Altshuler organizing Ed) (and Craig and Sue James as facilitators). Sorry City Club, your conversations are  1 way.

I was lucky to find out about these Tuesday afternoon free civic meetings by chance.   Don't really know why I went...

But when I went (2004), I immediately recognized that these discussions were the most energized,  informative,  open, important conversations that I had been involved with ever.   And I have been around the block in terms of lectures, seminars, high calibre intellectual stuff.  The REI sessions were addictive in their connection with everything essential - especially  with  other people in the community.  

Looking  back now from 2012, I would say that none of the REI discussion was able to go anywhere, to mature into results in the community - primarilly due to the political corruption in Cuyahoga County, and also, in a very large part, due to the legacy controlling actors in Cuyahoga County  (many of these actors are also involved in the corruption - though their names may not be in the Jimmy Dimora trial press reports).

Ed may not have made the best investment of his time with REI located in Cuyahoga County - there were influences in the County with lots of money that he couldn't control.   But Ed and his crew didn't waste their time with me - and I'll bet they didn't waste their time with many other attendees .   I now am keen on the open civic model they advocated - and I appreciate their effort in educating me.  

Open Civil Discourse.  


Image:  Ed Morrison at the whiteboard REI Tuesdays Case Western Reserve University September 14, 2005

Hat Tip to REI.




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