White Privilege: Who's Paying David Franklin's Mortgage?

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Remember David Franklin? The very married former director of the Cleveland Museum of Art whose girlfriend, a subordinate under his supervision, committed suicide. And he claimed to suddenly decide to leave the the CMA to pursue "reading and writing" or some other BS until the whole sordid mess was revealed by Scene magazine. Well he has landed a fabulous gig in his no-questions-asked homeland of Toronto Canada taking care of a creepy very secretive billionaire's art collection. He's one lucky guy even preparing for reentry into the public eye with his first little art talk about the Renaissance or something at the National Gallery in Ottawa (from whence he was fired before landing the gig at CMA). Not too late to get a ticket for $40. The exchange rate is quite favorable too. It's on April 8, 2015. More about THAT later.

His big very prestigious glamourous French Chateau at 2886 West Park Boulevard in Shaker Heights, still in his name and that of his lovely enabling wife, is for sale. Complete with wood carvings from France and a "rare feel of light, flow and grace" it sits waiting for a new owner worthy of it's history and grandeur and obscene pretentiousness out of step with current realities in zip code 44120. And has sat for 278 days. The asking price has been reduced from $949,000 to $900,000 (the price Franklin paid in October 2010) to a recent price cut down to $849,000. Making it a mere 1183.2% MORE than the median priced home in zip code 44120, and 319.6% more per square foot. Dr. Franklin refinanced the home in April 2013 for $665,000, right around the time Miss Gaston's body was discovered in her apartment in Cleveland Heights by....NONE OTHER than Dr. Franklin and six short months before he vanished. Inquiring minds would like to know who is paying his mortgage (estimated monthly payment of $3200), taxes ($2,000 per month), and other utilities including heating it during this past brutal winter. And maintenance. Can I see a show of hands for those who think Dr. Franklin is writing a check to man up to his responsibilities as he has not ever done in the past. No one? Wow. So perhaps we need to look closer to home. Maybe US Bank is paying for all of this. Just to keep up appearances. Or maybe we should look at one of our premier cultural institutions. The one on East Boulevard with a stunning view of the duck pond. As a charitable contribution? Or entertainment? Or......??? 

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With a Trulia estimate of $480,000 David Franklin's fabulous chateau is no longer listed for sale. Foreclosure coming soon???

New agent new price $760,000

Dr. Franklin's French chateau has been relisted with a new agent for the fabulously low low price of $760,000. An open house was held yesterday. Any takers???? A mere $24,000 per year in property taxes. 390 days on Zillow