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who can a transvestite marry
Church Money buys morality in our “democracy”
This is proven by the recent proposition 8 ballot initiative in California where the Mormons, the Catholics, and other groups with morals put millions of dollars into their effort to pass a state constitutional amendment allowing only those with one penis and one vagina to get together in a marriage contract.
As all you constitutional scholars are keenly aware, our forefathers in 1776 used code language in their writing of the US constitution so that they wouldn’t have to use unseemly words like “penis” and “vagina” on the parchment. Those code words are only visible to people from churches – like the Mormons and Catholics - with morals. So yes, if you have morals and can read the code in the constitution (look closely where the constitution discusses marriage and the separation of church and state and the right to bear arms – you know that right to bear arms stuff is just Freudian)
When a mere majority (over 50%) of the voters are able to define what our individual social association contracts – like marriage – can and can’t be, and when certain persons’ religious values are imposed on every person in a society, we are looking for big trouble.
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