Wishing PD reporters were more insightful sometimes...but still sending a compliment for their attempts to figure it all out!!

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Wed, 01/19/2011 - 17:14.

 Understanding the entire HUD Funding breakdown, the MASTER PLANS of the Local CDC's, the City of Cleveland, and the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission and the INFLATED APPRAISALS in addition to the INFLATED TAXES which are 2 separate inflations..would have improved this story by the PD.


Sadly, this reporter missed the boat regarding the differences and the correlations...He is not fully aware of the CDC/HUD FUNDING nightmare in NEO and he could have used this piece to bring it all into perspective for the public at large. While I compliment and appreciated the article, I am disappointed that this reporter simply does not seem to have the full picture in his brain to date...but I hope he makes time to learn and figure it out so that he can help the public at large become more aware through the PD Publications....

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