Air quality in Cleveland

Submitted by lmcshane on Sun, 08/23/2009 - 13:55.

The demolition of the historic Midland Terrace Rowhouses on Denison is probably occuring either today or tomorrow--See Denison Senior NRP housing posts here and here.

Of course, asbestos removal has been a large part of the costly remediation before this demolition, but as a concerned Denison neighbor points out, the building most likely also includes insul-brick, generally overlooked by most inspectors--which will release friable asbestos in the air, a factor hardly considered by the demolition crews I have seen operating in NEO. 

REALNEO can't be everywhere, so when you do see a demolition occuring, be sure to contact the City of Cleveland's Department for Air Quality Complaints, (216) 441-7442. 

It will not change anything, but perhaps the recorded acknowledgement will induce the guilty conscience that should go along with these crimes.


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John Funk
Plain Dealer Reporter

(ummm...this would directly impact my neighborhood with fall out...)

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