A Green Light for Conservation

Submitted by metroparks muse on Fri, 08/15/2008 - 20:25.

 The city of Akron deserves a Green Light Award for moving us into the future. They (and note this is a city, not even a park system) are eliminating ODOT's roadside mowing by using low growing, low maintenance plantings. It's no surprise that Cleveland is being left in the dust and the rust when our neighbor, from the same struggling area, is actively finding and implementing new solutions.

In contrast, Cleveland Metroparks actually maintains some of ODOT's interstate land.  Manicure might be a better word as it is fussed over and mowed more than ODOT itself would do.

And, though the renaming off the Rocky River Nature Center was rushed through over public objections, their fuel conservation study proceeds at the pace of rush hour traffic. CMP fuel costs for this year will top $1 million - enough to encourage all possible speed.

The failure of CMP to promote green policies is ongoing. The Clubhouse at Big Met Golf Course was supposed to get a LEEDs rating, but apparently never did. Is that because the southern exposure, with a roof overhang carefully designed to block the summer sun, was surrounded with asphalt which absorbs the heat? (There are ways to harvest energy from asphalt roads - but this situation merely adds heat load to the building.) Another bad energy choice was adding plastic curtains and heaters to extend the season for outdoor seating.

A repeated excuse is that initial costs for Green Building are higher than conventional methods. How sad - we can justify a Potty Palace at Frostville, but "can't afford" to build wisely. This not only lacks vision, it is downright blind.

Contrast that with Summit Metroparks platinum LEEDS project which shows, in Living Green, their actual commitment to conservation. They even used waterless toilets - no need for pump stations, sewers or the energy to build and maintain them - thus saving taxpayers' dollars in the future. 

Our park system was founded by those with a vision for the future. We can't lose that, one piece at a time, to short-sighted plans in the present.




who's running this show at CMP anyway?

Sounds like Akron and parks nationwide are leaving the dinosaurs at Cleveland Metro Parks in the dust. And it is clearly lead dust - the kind that makes one learning disabled. Or maybe its the chemicals on the golf courses that are making them stupid... Better flush those commissioners and that Vern guy and get someone who CAN think in common sense terms. They need to be able to add a column of numbers, too.

Now do we have a judge who can find folks to appoint using these simple criteria? Maybe not... seems the judges in Ohio need help with the understanding government transparency issues (sunshine laws) and flagrant patronage (front and center right when the FBI is in town... I hear they had printed the decision before the vote was taken...)

Shame on you CMP board, director and judge! I bet your mama would send you all to bed with no dinner and wash out your mouths with soap.