NEW Rocket From The Tombs of the Day: "I Sell Soul"

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 04/30/2010 - 22:25.

I was watching the Pere Ubu "We Have The Technology" video over and over today and I was thinking why doesn't everyone in NEO appreciate David Thomas like they appreciate LeBron James. Not in tennis shoe sponsorships, but with pride and celebration. Do area residents realize the king of ubu projex is from Cleveland and still makes this his home court? Very few places in the world may make such an important claim to modern cultural significance, and David Thomas is in his prime.

Thomas has expressed Cleveland better than anyone ever - on 10,000s of stages and 1,000s of recordings - over around 30 years - and he makes people around the world love the most real things ever of Cleveland... our greatest art, artists and their creative expressions.

Not to dis' King James - especially at playoffs - but in my mind Ubu Roi is the real king.... and he'll never be traded.

Our community should learn to celebrate such living champions of our arts and culture. The great David Thomas is releasing more amazing music than ever - the latest as Rocket From The Tombs, and recorded in Painesville  - and is still putting on the best show in town, and making Cleveland his home court.

hearpen — March 16, 2010 — The A-side of the new single from Rocket From The Tombs. Released as 45rpm vinyl and download audio. See or

The new single from Rocket From The Tombs was recorded at Suma, in Painesville, Ohio, in January 2009.

Great song - great guitar - great David Thomas - Enjoy.

Buy the 45rpm vinyl.

Rocket From The Tombs:
David Thomas vocals
Cheetah Chrome guitar, piano
Richard Lloyd guitar
Craig Bell bass
Steve Mehlman drums

Written by Bell - Chrome - Lloyd - Mehlman - Thomas. Published by Hearpen Music / Basement Music.

Produced and mixed by David Thomas. Engineered by Paul Hamann.